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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 7 (April 1913)

Tong Ho, Kim
A word from Honolulu,   p. [342]

Page [342]

   Honolulu, H. I.,.-Feb.-19, 1913.ý
General Secretary:
  Your letter of January- 27 reached
me over a week ago and I want
to thank you for the extra copies of
the magazine. Not long after I wrote,
the December and     January   copies
came, but I made good use :of them,
for I gave the two extras away to an
American who is planning to go to
Wiisconsin. So it was not the fault of
the printing machine, after all; the
slight delay was caused by the bulky
issue of December, I imagine.
  I have been kept very busy of late,
for I am making: good use of the eco-
nomics and- political science which I
learned at the university. Work is
quite pleasant, but often times I wish
that there were more Wisconsin men
down here. Besides myself there are
three Wisconsin graduates in this city
-all Americans. Otto Reinking,, '12,
has recently accepted a position as in-
structor in agriculture at the Mid-
Pacific Institute, and he is getting
along very nicely. I brought him to
the College Men's Club at the $250,-
000 Y. M. C. A. building some time
ago. Harvard, Yale, Cornell, Illinois,
Stanford and California delegations
are very strong down here.
  Well, the few Wisconsin    men   in
this city are doing their share to boost
their Alma Mater. We surely think
more of her when we ýare far away.
Just the other day I received an minvi-
tation to ýjoin the twenty Wisconsin
men at Shanghai, where a big ban-
quet was given by the former grads
of the university.
  The Chinese students of Honolulu
will in a few   weeks make another
baseball tour of *the United States,
provided   the  plans   do: not   fall
through. Last year, you-will recall,
they gave Wisconsin the closest kind
of a contest, which lasted for ten inm-
nings. : I think that they will visit
Madison again in the spring, and I
am sure that they will put up a good
fight. I would surely like to see the
game if it weren't for the great dis-
tance apart.
   The bank is in a very healthy con-
dition, but I only regret that it isn't
  "Hoping that this little letter will
find you in good health, I am,
       Yours very sincerely,
                KIM TONG Ho, '12.
   Kim Tong Ho, '12, is one of the most enthusiastic and loyal graduates
of Wisconsin. Al-
though a Chinese. he has adopted the Wisconsin idea, and his spirit for the
university is
evidenced in his insistant efforts to uphold Wisconsin ideals in his native
land. If the univer-
sity can do for Orientals what it has done for Kim Tong Ho, its policy of
an open door to the
world cannot be challenged.-Editor.

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