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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Alumni news,   pp. [138]-146

Page [138]

  Gov. James 0. Davidson has appointed
J. W. Martin of Gotham     as a regept
from the Third congressional district to
succeed Enos   Lloyd-Jones of    Spring
Green, and Mayor A. J. Horlick of Ra-
cine to succeed Pliny Norcross of Janes-
Ville, resigned.  He reappointed   Mrs.
Florence G. Buckstaff of, Oshkosh, repre-
senting the Eighth district, and Magnus
Swenson of Madison, representing    the
state at large.
  Basanta Koamar Roy of Calcutta, In-
dia', a senior in the course in journalism
at the University of Wisconsiný,has pre-
sented the newspaper laboratory main-
tained in connection with this- course,
with an interesting collection of foreign
papers. Among these are journals from
Basutoland, South Africa, the Island of
St. Helena, Sierra Leone, West Africa,
Rhodesia, the Transvaal, Arabia, India,
Hindustan and Greece.
   A business men's class in law is to
 be a feature of the work offered this
 winter by the law school of the univer-
 sity. A large number of business men
 whose business activities call for a wider
 knowledge of law than is possessed by
 the average business man, have asked for
 instruction. As a result 1?rof. S. W.
 Gilman has arranged to meet a class in
 practical business law one evening each
    The University of Wisconsin with three
 other state universities-those of Penn-
 sylvania, Michigan  and   California-is
 declared to be the best place to secure
training for. students planning to enter
the ministry, by William H. Matlock, of
Whittier college, California, in the cur-
rent number of The Educational Re-
  "The Universities of Pennsylvania, of
Wisconsin, of Michigan, and of Califor-
nia," Mr. Whitlock writes, "have an in-
finitely better right to graduate clergy-
men with full professional training than
very many denominational colleges that
do confer the degree of Bachelor of Di-
vinity. It is only necessary to compare
catalogs, courses, equipments and   the
men in charge, to see that young men en-
tering the ministry might have a train-
ing superior in every way to the training
too many of them actualy get, along with
all the other advantages that go natur-
ally with residence in such an environ-
   The students enrolled in the poultry
 husbandry courses at the College of Ag-
 riculture this year number 136. The
 course in  elementary  poultry  raising,
 which deals with designing and construc-
 tion of poultry houses and yards, fatten-
 ing and marketing of fowls, and descrip-
 tions of breeds and varieties is most pop-
 ular and has 88 students.

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