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Lochner, Louis P. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 12, Number 3 (Dec. 1910)

Hutchins, John
The lawyer chap,   p. 111

Page 111

nation. Frank H. Rogers, law '05,
Democrat, was chosen prosecutor
for Jefferson county.
   For clerk of the circuit court in
 the Madison district, the winner-
 in the Republican primaries was
 Arne C. Lerum, '03, law '06, fa-
 mous as a football player with few
 peers and chosen for all-American
 honors. As the campaign pro-
 gressed, Mr. Lerum was compellc.,
 by a serious illness to remain cz
 of the fight entirely. While con-
 valescing following an operation
 in a Chicago hospital, his friends
 back in Madison rallied to his sup-
 port, as he in past years had done
 for his Alma Mater. As a result,
 his victory at the polls was deci-
 sive. Stephan A. Madigan, '94, of
 Madison ran for the Republican
 nomination for treasurer of Dane
 county but was not successful.
   In other states Wisconsin grad-
 uates were ,far from insignificant
 factors iin political campaigns.
 Minnesota furm shes a brilliant ex-
 ample of the leadership of Wis-
 consin men in public life.4 United
 States Senator Moses E. Clapp,
 law '73, who has, been a power in
 the upper branch    of Congress
 since 1901, already has his certifi-
 cate of election  safely tucked
 away in his inside pocket. The
 Republicans of Minnesota unani-
 mously  nominated  him   in the
 state convention to succeed him-
 self. John Lind, former Demo-
 cratic governor and idol of Min-
 nesota's Democracy, came    out
 publicly with a warm endorse-
ment of Senator Clapp, a Republi-
can, as the only man to be con-
sidered for the honor. Congress-
man    James A. Tawney, ex-'84
  (law), was defeated for renomina-
  tion in the First Minnesotafi dis-
  trict - by Sydney Anderson    of
  Lanesboro, after one of the bitter-
  est congressional fights of any
  state. George T. Simpson, '90,
  was re-elected attorney general of
  Minnesota  on  the   Republican
  ticket. Judge David F. Simpson,
  '82, law '84, for a dozen years
  Judge of the Fourth Judicial cir-
  cuit of Minnesota, was elected
  justice of the  state  Supreme
  Court. Of this result the St. Paul
  Dispatch said editorially:
  '.'The estimation  in  which   a
  public man, in any capacity of
  trust and honor, is held in his
  home community is an index or-
  dinarily infallible, and the Minne-
  sota public will accept Justice
  Simpson as Minneapolis indorses
  him. His addition to the Supreme
  bench is a distinct gain. It is
from such jurists that comes the
confidence the people must have
in the intelligence and integrity
of the courts and in the mainten-
ance of the high character and
standard of the state's court of
last resort."
  Judge George L. Bunn, '85, law
  '88, was retained on the district
bench in St. Paul, as also was
Oscar Hallam, '87, law '89, of the
same district. William S. Dwin-
nell, law '86, early in the season
was discussed as a possible op-
ponent of Frank M. Nye for Con-
gress in the Minneapolis district,

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