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Chen, Sharon; Hromadka, Nancy (ed.) / Wisconsin engineer
Volume 94, No. 3 (March 1990)

Hromadka, Nancy
John F. Hinrichs: winner of the International Golden Robot Award,   pp. 20-21

Page 20

On October 4, 1989 in Tokyo, Japan, John F. Hinrichs,
manager of the Manufacturing Technology Laboratory at A. 0.
Smith Automotive Products Company in Milwaukee, became
the first American to win the International Golden Robot Award
for his work in the field of industrial robot technology with a
special focus on automated welding applications.
Begun in 1983, the Golden Robot Award was designed to
recognize and promote high level research, development and
implementation in the field of industrial robotics.
As a nominee for this award, Hinrichs was evaluated on the
significance of his work in increasing industrial robot technol-
ogy, on the verification of this work by an advanced educational
institute or a robot user, and on the submission of documents
detailing his accomplishments in this field. Professors from
prominent Swedish educational institutions and representatives
from various Swedish robotics corporations served on the five-
man judging panel for this year's award.
Hinrichs' remarkable robotics accomplishments include the
design, development and implementation of electronic inter-
faces between robot and welding equipment, multi-task
capability robots for increased machine efficiency, out-of-
position, spatter-free pulse arc welding procedures, sensitive
seam tracking techniques, and world class weld quality.
Hinrichs began working for A. 0. Smith, a major producer
of automotive frames, in 1954. He became a project engineer in
the mid-1960's and began supervising the development of the
robot applications for welding and other manufacturing
processes in the early 1970's. As manager of the Manufacturing
Technology Laboratory, Hinrichs currently directs a team of
engineers and technicians who work with him on various
advanced robotics projects. Hinrichs and his team are credited
with installing over 150 robots for A. 0. Smith in welding and
material handling applications.
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automated riveting process, the company next turned to       Golden Robot
Award. Hinrichs is an engineer at A. i
automated welding. Under the guidance of Dean John G.        Milwaukee.
Wisconsin Engineer, March 1990
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