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Smith, Robert (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 70, No. 6 (March 1966)

Bottom of the barrel,   pp. 48 ff.

Page 48

  If all the junior engineers who
sleep through the thermo lecture
were placed end to end they would
be more comfortable.
             a * *
  What makes people walk in their
  Twin beds.
             v * *
  Federal aid is like giving your-
self a blood transfusion in your
left arm, drawing from your right
arm and spilling 90 per cent of it
on the way across.
  St. Peter was (juestioning them
as he left them in.
  St. Pete: "Who are you?"
  Stude: "A student from Minn."
  Pete: "Enter my son."
  Pete: "Who are yotu?
  Stude: "A student from Ohio."
  Pete: "Enter my son."
  Pete: "Who are you?"
  Sthde: "A student from Wis."
  Pete: "Let's see votur fee card."
  A fool and his money are soon
  A bachelor friend of ours re-
minds us that sometimes a girl can
attract a man with her mind, but
it's easier to attract him with what
she doesn't mind.
  The house guests were assem-
bled with their hosts in the living
room after dinner, chatting pleas-
antly, when the five-year-old
daughter of the host appeared
suddenly in the room, her clothes
dripping with water. She could
scarcely articulate, so great was
her emotion, and her parents rose
in consternation as she entered:
  "You-you," the little girl bab-
bled, pointing to the male of the
house guests, "You're the one who
left the seat up."
  Ole and Olga had just been mar-
ried, and at the reception one of
the guests said to Olga laughingly,
"Olga, I think you have a little
Swede in you!"
  Olga said in return, "Ya! Ole, he
vust couldn't vait!"
  These days, too many beautiful
women are spoiling their attrac-
tiveness by using four-letter words
-like don't and can't and won't.
  Tourist Guide: "We are now
passing the largest brewery in the
United States!"
  CE: "Why?"
  The young Georgia miss came
to the hospital for a checkup.
  "Have you been X-Rayed?"
asked the doctor.
  "Nope," she said, "but ah've been
  A little bear went tripping
through the woods one spring
morning singing, "I'm a ready
teddy, I'm a ready teddy," and
gently swaying her graceful body
in time with the tune. Suddenly
from behind a big tree came big,
hairy arms.
  Some time later she continued
on her way singing, "I'm a ruined
bruin, I'm a ruined bruin."
  Many a go-getter is afterwards
sorry that he gotter.

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