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Godfrey, Kneeland, Jr. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 59, Number 2 (November 1954)

Paske, Dick
Alumni notes,   pp. 54-56

Page 54

                   by Dick Paske, ee'56
  Warren E. Racine, B.S. Civil '51,
structural engineer of Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, has been appointed
manager of the Chicago regional
office of Timber Engineering Com-
pany, wood industry service or-
ganization affiliated with the Na-
tional Lumber Manufacturers As-
sociation. Mr. Racine will provide
architects, engineers and builders,
in the area, with technical data on
the Teco system of engineered tim-
)er construction  for light and
heavy structures.
  Election of LeRoy A. Petersen,
President of Otis Elevator Com-
pany, as a Director of the Com-
merce and Industry Association of
New York, Inc., was announced to-
day by Thomas Jefferson Miley,
Executive Vice President of the
  Mr. Petersen, wA\ho joined Otis
Elevator after graduating from the
University of Wisconsin and sub-
sequent service as aln Army officer
ii World War 1, rose from the
ranks to I)ecome President in 1945.
He also is Chairman of the Board
of Otis Elevator Company Lim-
ited, Canada.
  In ad(lition, he is a Director of
Irving Trust Company, American
Locomotive  Company   and  the
Metropolitan Life Insurance Com-
pany, amiong others; a Trustee of
Consolidated Edison Company of
New York, Inc., an(l a member of
the Executive Committee of Em-
plovers' ,iabilitv Assurance Cor-
poatioll limite(1.
  A native of Amnery, Wisconsin,
\1r. Petersen's home is in West
brother Drive, Greenwvich, Con-
  Sylvester K. Guth, head of Light-
ing Research for General Electric
Lamp Division, Nela Park, Cleve-
land, accepted an invitation from
Iceland to assist in founding an
"Icelandic Lighting Society." He
has been in Reykjavik, the capital
of Iceland, from October 17
through October 29. Dr. Guth
attributes Iceland's great interest
in artificial lighting, not to its lack
of daylight, for nine months of the
year, but to the fact that Iceland-
ers, like Americans, spend much of
their lives indoors where eyes are
called upon to perform a variety of
difficult tasks.
  Dr. Guth joined G. E. at Nela
Park in 1930. He received the hon-
orary degree of Doctor of Ocular
Science in January of 1]953. Three
years ago, he served as an Amneri-
can delegate to the meeting of the
Commission     Internationale
D'Eclairage in Stockholm, Sweden.
  Dr. Thomas J. Higgens, professor
of electrical engineering was re-
cently presented the Westinghouse
Award of $1,000 for Outstanding
Teaching, one of the nation's high-
est honors for men in the field of
engineering education. Prof. Hig-
gins joined the UW College of En-
gineering staff in 1948. He is a
graduate of Cornell University and
earned his Ph.D. degree at Purdue
University. Prof. Higgens is recog-
nized nationally for his unusual
teaching ability; he has had more
than 90 technical papers published
in his field of analytical and ex-
perimental research in electrical
engineering, and at Wisconsin he
has expanded the research by grad-
uate students in this field.
  Three Wisconsin engineers were
recently elevated to the grade of
Fellow in the American Society of
Mechanical Engineers. This award
is given by ASME for significant
contributions by members to the
engineering profession, and has
been conferred on fewer than 400
of the Society's total membership
of 38,000. Receiving the honors
were Curt G. Joa, president of
Curt G. Joa, Inc., Sheboygan Falls,
Wisconsin; Walter C. Lindemann,
consulting engineer with A. J.
Lindemann and Hoverson Co.,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and James
F. Roberts, vice-president and di-
rector of engineering of the Gen-
eral Ml a chin e r v Division, Allis
C h alm e r s MX antufacturing Comn-
pany, Milwauikee, Wi s cons in.
Lindemann and Roberts are Me-
chanical Engineering graduates of
the University of Wisconsin.
       (Comntiinied Ont palge 56)

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