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Binning, Jack (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 58, Number 1 (October 1953)

Jackson, Elizabeth
Summer camp diary,   pp. 17-19

Page 17

Su m mii er
By Elizabeth Jackson c'54
(The following are excerpts taken from a diary kept at the 1953
session of the Civil Engineers Summer Survey Camp.)
  June 3: All civil engineering students who had suc-
cessfully completed surveying courses required by the
U. of W., registered and paid the fees necessary for at-
tending Summer Survey Camp. Registration was nearly
like semester registration except that now each student's
college address became: c/o U.W. Summer Survey Camp,
Baraboo, Wisconsin.
  June 4: All students to attend summer camp attended
an initiation meeting. Prof. Wagner, Mr. Haas, and Mr.
Kallsen gave inspiring talks about living conditions, work-
ing conditions, and regulations at camp.
  Students were further informed that the dining hall
and commissary were to be operated on a cooperative
basis. Each student must deposit $95.00 for expenses; and
funds left at the end of camp are refunded to the stu-
  Of interest to most civil engineers was the fact that
beer was to be available at the commissary.
  Other items of interest from the meeting were: living
quarters are trailers formerly at the Monroe Park trailer
camp; bathing facilities are Devil's Lake; each student
must put in two days of supervised construction time di-
rected toward the general upkeep of the camp; working
hours are 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Satur-
day, and reports are to be written at night as "home work."
  Civil engineers left the initiation meeting anticipating
their six weeks' vacation at Devil's Lake located in Wis-
consin's beautiful vacation land.
  June 13: Summer Survey Camp began showing signs
of life. Surveying equipment, instructors and students ar-
rived from Madison.
  June 14: Cars laden with books, drawing instruments,
bedding, and work clothes were a common sight around
the camp on the southwest shore of Devil's Lake. By late
afternoon all students had arrived.
  After the evening meal a general assembly was held in
the "barn." Students and faculty were introduced; facul-
ty was: Prof. Wagner, Mr. Haas, Mr. Katlsen, Mr. Kolf,
and Mr. Hunt, all of the University of Wisconsin, and
Prof. Beebe of the University of South Dakota. Follow-
ing a custom of former summer camps, the 1953 group
elected a fire prevention crew whose duty it is to operate
the "Azimuth City's" outmoded fire engine in case of
fire. A fire chief and six "horses" (to pull the engine)
were elected. The honorable crew was Nick George, Bob
Reese, Tom Elbert, Bill Taylor, Jack Horn, Bob Luce,
and Liz Jackson.
  After the assembly adjourned, student returned to their
trailers to arrange things for comfortable living. Mat-
tresses were filled with straw and placed on metal cots.
The trailers provided unusual conveniences to the engi-
neers: rusted bread-boxes became excellent shoe storage
space; refrigerators which could not be used as such, be-
came cases for drawing implements; and former kitchen
work space became desks.
  Liz Jackson, after being informed that she was not to
have her surveying partner for a roommate as the other
                 (continued on next page)
Shown here are some of the wet engineers who helped quench
the blaze during the fire drill. Those in the foreground are (1. to r.)
Jack Horn (behind the fire engine), Bill Hunt, Ned Godfrey, John
Shackleford, and the author.
OCTOBER, 1953 3

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