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Kasum, Emil (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 52, Number 2 (November 1947)

[Cover],   p. 36

Page 36

                    hot enoui
               to melt brici
   Ever see a brick melt in air -
melt like a block of butter in a warm
room? Probably not. For air around the
ordinary brick building just doesn't
get that hot ... over 20000F. Yet raising
the temperature of air until it's hot enoul
melt a brick - and a lot hotter - is now possible
with the Pebble Heat Exchanger developed by
B&W. It heats gases far above the temperature
limits of metallic heat exchangers.
Development of the Pebble Heat Exchanger is
further evidence that B&W- old in experience.
pioneer of many advances in divergent fields -is
still young enough to have new ideas.
B &W offers excellent career opportunities to
technical graduates in diversified phases of manu-
facturing, engineering, research, and sales.
S-T-A-T-I-C                (continued from page 26)
  .Judvue: "Why did you strike your wife?"
  Defendant: "Well, your honor, she's been studying how
to develop a magnetic personality, and yesterday she
walked by me when I had a hammer in my hand."
                    * * *
 She: "Do you think that you could learn to love me?"
 He: "Well, I passed calculus, didn't I?"
                    * * *
 She was only a redcoat's daughter, but she knew Howe!
                    *, * *
 Ham: "They ask a lot for the rent of this room, don't
 Hock: "Yes, about six times this month."
Hotsy: "How much time did you put in on this rifle?"
Totsy: "An hour, sir, but I just couldn't get those rings
out of the barrel."
                     ** *
 As a Light Buildings lecturer stated, a cynic is a place
c;hcre dishes are washed.
                    * *R *,
As the lightning bug said when he flew into the lawn-
mower: "I am delighted-no end."
                    *w* *
 Girl (in book store): "Do you keep 'The Divine Wo-
Clerk: "Not on my salary."
T R E E T,
  N. Y.

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