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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 7 (March 1944)

Tanghe, John
Standards lab,   p. 10

Page 10

Notes. . .
by John Tanghe, e'44
Lawyer-Engineer Feud!
   We present here a summary of the "unofficial" high-
lights of the recent St. Pat's activities:
Wed., March 8-Engineers erected "Oscar," the steam
   man, on Bascom Hill.
Sat., March I1-Lawyers stole the pipe man during the
Sun., March 12 -Engineers from Triangle and Theta
  Delta Chi found "Oscar" beside Lake Monona after a
  half-day search. That night a group of unidentified
  engineers placed a jalopy on the steps of the Law
  School, and painted the windows and puttied the key-
  holes of said building.
Tues., March 14-Wayne Marcouiller, Polygon prexy, is-
  sued statement to Daily Cardinal frowning on retalia-
  tory activities of the engineers.
Wed., March 15-Engineers put steam man back up at
  7 a.m. At noon group of lawyers made off with "Os-
  car" in a truck.
Thur., March 16-"Engineer" sign appeared on new part
  of Law Building late in evening. Group of engineers
  surrounded lawyers' house on Monroe Street as part of
  attempt to regain "Oscar."
Fri., March 17 (St. Pat's Day)-Lawyers removed stench-
  bomb from building and sawed through locked trap
  door to remove "Engineer" sign on outside. Subtle
  propaganda leaflets "exposing" the law students were
  passed out on the campus by engineers. Lawyers
  passed out similar counter-propaganda. George Rob-
  bins thrown in jail for his supposed activities of the
  previous night, but released when proved innocent.
  Elwood Buffa, MESW president, and Bob Jirucha kid-
  napped by "shysters." Bob escaped, but Elwood was
  carted about the campus locked up in a cage. St. Pat's
  celebration was climaxed with a banquet for the candi-
  dates and chairmen, followed by a really swell dance.
By now you know that
  Arleigh Larson, president of Triangle, was elected St.
Pat of 1944, representing the mechanical engineers. His
competitors were: Otto Schreiber, electricals; George
Zuehlke, civils; and Dick Fein, chemicals. The beard-
growing contest was won by George Zuehlke, closely fol-
lowed by Schreiber and Fein. The dance Saturday night
was M-C'd by Roland Wetzel, V-12 ChE, while Ed Daub,
also a V-12 ChE, wowed the audience with his interpre-
tation of "Casey at the Bat."
We sympathize with
   Bill Wendt, ME 3. Poor boy, he's done gone and got
himself engaged! The poor girl? Hazel Friedrich, BA 2.
The roles of Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby,
   respectively, are now being taken by Joe Thoma and
Art Sarris, ME 3's. These fellows use Joe's recording set
to make mock records of the famous singing stars.
Off the record--
  Profs. K. Wendt and B. Elliott recalling fond memo-
ries of past St. Pat parades at the St. Pat banquet and
telling how shillelahs were once sold instead of buttons.
  Harvey Nienow (ME 4) and Will Schaumberg (EE 4)
confusing friends by calling each other "Pop" and "Son."
  George Shampo defying the cold of Kappa Eta Kappa's
new sleeping porch by wearing the following attire to
bed: red flannels, sweat shirt, sweat socks, seven blankets
on the bed.
  Norman Kohlhardt (EE 4) and date crashing the for-
mal short-course prom in plaid shirts.
  Two girls warming themselves by "Oscar's" steam at
one o'clock in the morning. Engineers kicking themselves
for not placing the steam man directly in front of Abe
Lincoln's statue.
  Theta Chi, Triangle, and Theta Delta Chi being large-
ly responsible for the fun and success of the St. Pat's
  Dave Knoerr (CE 4) falling prey to pranksters and
unconsciously using stale beer for hair tonic.
  Joe Hammersly meeting with defiant resistance from
both students and Dean Johnson after attempting to
arrest three engineers for smoking in the M.E. building.
Theta Chi and Theta Delta Chi,
  composed almost entirely of engineers, have proved
within the last few weeks that engineers can put on some
really good parties. The hard-time party at the latter
and the informal radio party (with two nice fireplaces) at
the former were plenty O.K., they tell us.
Members of Kappa Eta Kappa,
  now settled down in their new house, are planning their
semester's social program. First event will be a blind-date
exchange get-together with Sigma Lambda, art sorority,
on March 31 . . . oh boy!
Radio remote-control
  for their flying model airplane is being worked out by
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