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Niles, Donald E. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 48, Number 7 (March 1944)

Ericsen, Arnold
Alumni notes,   pp. 22-23

Page 22

UWI by Palmer, in an Allegheny Ludlumn Plant.
W     ITH this melter, studying the
       action of some 3 5 tons of
alloy steel in an Allegheny Ludlum
electric furnace, peeping is resolved
into a science.
  His job is one of the earliest in
a long series of operations which
bring a melt of Allegheny Ludlum
stainless, electrical or other alloy
steel to its final form, rigidly true
to specifications.  His experience
determines whether the molten
mass within the furnace is progress-
ing at the proper rate, and dictates
any adjustments necessary to pro-
duce the quality of steel specified.
His judgment is double checked, of
course, by thousands of dollars
worth of amazingly accurate test-
ing equipment, built for analyzing
with hairline precision.
  For, in wartime especially, the
properties of alloy steels must be
maintained with the utmost con-
sistency. Lives of men-even the
outcome of battles depends upon
this uniformity, because the place
of alloy steels is always in the vital
heart of a war mechanism.
  Lives and battles depend upon
other things in this war, too-mat-
ters that come home to every house-
hold. Buying bonds, conserving
food, fuel, gasoline, rubber, waste
fats and scrap metal-all these have
to do with how soon the war will
be won, and at what price. They
are everyone's jobs. Have you done
-are you doing-all you can?
dI//e9$ewni 4f/Am
A-8841 . .. W & D

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