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Janett, Leslie G. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 39, Number 2 (November, 1934)

Campus organizations,   pp. 32-33

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                       A. I. Ch. E.
   The student branch of the American Institute of Chem-
 ical Engineers has emerged from several years of hiberna-
 tion. Given an impetus by the new spirit in the engineering
 school, the A. I. Ch. E. held its first meeting on Tuesday
           evening, October 30. Prof. Kowalke gave a
   ~iU OE4).brief address pointing out the merits of student
           societies. He placed special stress on the bene-
           fits that may be obtained from programs pre-
pared solely by students. Leslie Janett gave a short talk
in behalf of the Wisconsin Engineer.
   The following men were elected officers of the society
for the ensuing year: Kenneth Wink, '3i, president; Thayer
Burnham, '35, vice-president; S. J. Robisch, '35, secretary;
Don Gordon, '36, treasurer; and Joel Hougen, '36, junior
representative to Polygon. Tentative plans were made for
the next meeting on November 14 at the Memorial Union.
Meetings are to be held regularly once a month. So, chem-
ical engineers, watch for the happenings of the A. I. Ch. E.
in the Engineer! Turn out for the meetings! You've paid
your dollar, so why not make use of it and reap your
benefits? An interesting program is guaranteed each time.
            CONVENTION, NOVEMBER 22-24
  The Wisconsin Alpha Chapter of Pi Tau Sigma fra-
ternity will act as host for the annual convention of the
organization to be held November 22 to 24.    Delegates
           from schools throughout the middlewest are ex-
           pected to attend the meetings which will be
           held at the mechanical engineering building.
           Officers of the local chapter who are in charge
           of arrangements are:    William  Van Ryzin,
           president; George Hausler, vice-president; Roald
           Amundson, secretary; C. Bradford Kniskern,
treasurer; and William Hodgins, corresponding secretary.
The convention business on Friday, November 23, will be
concluded by the initiation of the following mechanical
engineers into the fraternity:
           SENIORS                   JUNIORS
        H. W. Alyea                J. J. Cadwell
        C. L. Jasper               A. W. Cole
        T. V. Johnson              L. W. Griffith
        I. R. Kraemer              E. W. Gross
        W. R. McMahon              L. S. Nikora
        W. A. Pollock
        R. K. Smith
  Following the initiation a banquet will be held in honor
of the delegates and new initiates at the Memorial Union.
Professor G. L. Larson, who has been active in the organiza-
tion for many years, will act as toastmaster for the occasion.
  On Saturday, November 24, the delegates will be taken
on an inspection trip through the Forest Products Labora-
tory after which they will attend the Wisconsin-Minnesota
football game.
                        A. S. M. E.
   At the first business meeting of the year, held October 24,
 in the auditorium of the mechanical engineering building,
 Prof. B. Elliott gave a short talk in which he outlined the
 methods and advantages of membership in the national or-
           ganization subsequent to graduating from college.
             The organization's plans for the year were
      ",-Z,,)formulated and committees were appointed. The
   W       program for the evening featured a discussion
on "Archery and its Relation to Engineering," by Irving
Kraemer, m'3 5. In his talk Kraemer traced the develop-
ment of the modern bow from the old English and Turkish
weapons. He showed how bows and arrows are designed
with precision and how mathematics and mechanics may be
applied to their construction.
  Approximately 450 engineers attended the "Smoker" on
October 31. This was one of the largest turnouts ever ex-
perienced by the engineering school in the way of social
activities and speaks well for the success of the Polygon
Activity Plan.
  Prof. Mathews gave a very interesting talk on "Ballistics."
His talk was followed by musical numbers by the Busse
Trio and dancing by the Williamson sisters.
  The beer and lunch following the main program, revealed
rare accomplishments in the art of singing, eating and drink-
ing-abilities never before suspected of an engineer.
  The Polygon dance is scheduled for December 7. Be-
cause of the large number expected, Tripp Commons is
being reserved along with the Great Hall for this event.
  Two popular Campus Bands are booked for this all-engi-
neering function and their identity will be revealed later.
  We wish to make this dance one of the big events of
the semester both in numbers and pep, so be present. Plans
for admission to this dance by your Activity Fee Card will
be announced later.
                       A. 1. E. E.
  The student branch of the A. I. E. E. held its first meet-
ing of the year on Tuesday, November 6, in Tripp Com-
mons at the Union. About seventy men attended. Prof.
Tracy spoke briefly on the structure and present status of
the local chapter.  An executive committee which was
elected consists of L. Britzke and J. Kuzela, seniors; 0.
Welker and R. Oeting, juniors; and J. Schuele and Kirth
representing the sophomores and freshmen.
  Movies from the Bell Telephone Company were shown
and refreshments were served.
. . .Human nature is so large, life touches life at so many
points, and words are so elusive.-Erwin F. Smith.
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The Wisconsin Engineer
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