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Watson, J. W. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Vol. 6, No. 1 (December 1901)

Taylor, W. D.
The civil engineers' inspection trip,   pp. 58-62

Page 58

5S               The Wisconsin Enginee:.
and other examples of almost infinite variety which would cause
amazement were they not so common now.
   The glory and the power of the civilization of to-day result
from the concentration of forces, both human and material, com-
manding the resourcefulness of mankind, applying the princi-
ples and discoveries of pure science, and developing the re-
sources of nature for this purpose; and such is the degree of suc-
cessful adaptation already reached, that the span of life of man
potentially surpasses the millennial existences of legendary
times. 'Better fifty years of Europe than a cycle of Cathay.'
And the crowning glory of the measure of achievement thus far
reached is that its inspiration is the welfare of the race.
                                        J. L. VAN ORNUM.
  Seventeen students and two professors comprised the party.
The teachers bad written and made arrangements beforehand for
the students to visit the principal engineering objects of interest
in and about the city. Each student was assigned to some one
special subject that he was to visit to which he was to pay es-
peci al attention and make written report concerning it both from
assigned readings and from inspection.
  UTnder special guides arranged for and appointed for the pur-
pose, the students were taken through the Pullman Car Com-
pany's shops, the docks, furnaces, and steel plant of the Illinois
Steel Company at South Chicago, and the! Lassig branch of the
American Bridge Company's shops.
  The students inspectedthe long concrete sea wall at the south
end of Lincoln Park, the failure of which is giving the city au-
thorities so much concern. The methods to be adopted for
preserving and reconstructing the sea wall were inspected and
  The city pumping station at Chicago Avenue was visited

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