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Schneider, Homer J. (ed.) / The Wisconsin engineer
Volume 46, Number 6 (March 1942)

Larson, Arne V.
Alumni notes,   pp. 18-[19]

Page 18

4 A$ne 'V. /7au, m-'43
     Miners and Metallurgists
chairman of the department of Mining
& Metallurgy, was elected Vice-Chair-
man of the Mineral Industry Education
Division of the American Institute of
Mining &   Metallurgical Engineers, at
the All-Institute meeting held in New5
York City Feb. 9-12.
  ELLIS, DAVID L., MS '41, was the
recipient of the first place award in the
graduate division in the national student
prize contest, conducted by the Amer-
ican Institute of Mining & Metallurgical
Engineers. After receiving his degre-
Mr. Ellis was commissioned lieutenant,
junior grade, in the U. S. Navy and is
now stationed at the Naval gun factory'
Washington Naval Yard, Washington,
D. C. He expects to be transferred to
Fort Knox, Ky., in the near future.
  ELA, EDWIN S., '96, whose home wa,;
in Rochester, Wis., died on October 9,
1941, of injuries received in a traffic
accident at Beloit.
  McINTOSH, F. C., '13, Pittsburgh,
Pa., was appointed by President E. 0.
Eastwood, Seattle, Wash., at the 48th
Annual Meeting of the American So-
ciety of Heating and Ventilating En-
gineers, held in Philadelphia, to serve as
Chairman of the Committee on Research
during 1942. Mr. McIntosh has been
with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company
and the Universal Portland Cement Com-
pany in Chicago and is now with the
Johnson Service Company, being the
manager of their Pittsburgh office.
  LORD, HERBERT O., '20, chief en-
gineer of the Metropolitan Sewerage
District of Madison, has been called to
active duty as a lieutenant-comander inl
the Civil Engineer Corps of the U. S.
Naval Reserve. He is located at the
Twelfth Naval District headquarters at
San Francisco.
  SPETZ, RALPH F., '23, a former
track star on the Wisconsin track team,
died on September 1, 1941, at the Vet-
crans' Hospital at Wood, Wisconsin.
  FORD, HENRY M., '21, has been ap-
pointed state director for the Public
Work Reserve for Wisconsin, with of-
fices at Madison.
  BENNETT, KEITH H., ex '36, has
enlisted in the U. S. Engineers and re-
ported for duty on March 2.
  KUTCHERA, DON H., '37, began
work on Feb. 1 with Allis-Chalmers Co.
of West Allis, Wis., as design engineer
on a special project. Don has been mov-
ing around. From November, 1940, to
July, 1941, he was with the U. S. En-
gineers, working out of the Cincinnati
office. Then he joined the engineering
staff of the Electric Bond and Share
Company, as a design engineer, and con-
tinued there until he moved to Milwau-
kee in February.
  MALDARI, JOSEPH A., '38, is now
at Fort Knox, Ky., with the 25th Ar-
mored Engineer Battalion, 8th Armored
  BJELAJAC, VASO, '38, is an assist-
ant engineer in the Water Leak Survey
Office of the District Engineer of the
Utilities Division in Atlanta, Ga. He is
living at 498 Spring St., N.W., in the
same city.
  HARRISON, CHESTER J., '40, left
Consolidated Aircraft in the middle of
February to go to Fort Sam Houston at
San Antonio, Texas, as water waste in-
spector, under Prof. Kessler's general di-
rection. He has a civil service rating as
assistant engineer.
  MILLER, MALCOLM A., '40, began
work on Feb. 1, 1942, as assistant hy-
draUlic engineer with the U. S. Engineer
Office at Mobile, Ala. He was married
on Feb. 14, 1941, to Mary Ann Case
of Kansas City.
  SMALL, ALVAN L., '40, is a junior
bridge draftsman with the Wisconsin
Highway Commission at Madison.
               (HEV I 3SiNO ME An
               - LOTTcR QUICIE'
  FINTAK, G. G., '41, is an assistant
engineer in the Water Leak Survey Of-
fice of the District Engineer of the Utili-
ties Division in Atlanta, Ga. He is liv-
ing at 498 Spring St., N.W., Atlanta Ga.
  TENNEY, VERN W., '41, has left
Lockheed Aircraft Corp. to serve as wa-
ter waste inspector in a western corps
area under the general direction of Prof.
  WERREN, FRED, '41, ensign in the
USNR, is stationed at the U. S. Navy
Yard at Mare Island, California, follow-
ing four months of training in the East.
He was ordered to report at Mare Island
at the end of January.
  HIGLEY, HARVEY V., '15, who is
the Commander of the American Legion
for the state of Wisconsin, is President
of the Ansul Chemical Co. of Marinette,
  TYRRELL, DONALD W., '17, re-
turns to Madison, Wis., to be Vice-
President of the Ray-O-Vac Co., manu-
facturers of dry batteries. He comes to
Madison from Clinton, Mass., where he
was President of the Blake Manufactur-
ing Co.
  HOTALING, EUGENE C., '23, died
at the home of his parents in Fond do
Lac, Wis., on Oct. 21, 1941, after a long
illness. Upon graduation he took em-
ployment with the W. A. Baehr organ-
ization, Chicago; later he transferred to
the Illinois Power & Light; and his last
engineering work was with Lucas &
Luick, Consulting Engineers, Chicago,
both of whom are alumni of Wisconsin,
Class 1906.
  NELSON, E. F., '24, was married to
Helen O'Brian of Chicago December 6,
1941. He is with the Universal Oil
Products Company of Chicago. They are
living at 77 East Cedar Street, Chicago.
  KNECHTGES, RICHARD         G., '33,
was married to Bernice L. Labergn of
Green  Bay January    10, 1942.  Mr.
Knechtges supervises the technical phases
of sulphate pulp manufacture in the
Northern Paper Mills at Green Bay.
  JUSTL, OTTO, '34, formerly gas
plant superintendent at Portage, Wis.,
for the Wisconsin Power & Light Co.,
is now with the Illinois Ordnance Plant
at Dover, New Jersey.
  NIENOW, FLOYD, '34, is with the
Pennsylvania Salt Manufacturing Co. of
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is living
at the Widener Bldg., in Philadelphia.
  MOHAUPT, ALVIN A., '36, was
married to Ruth Steitz in February, 1941.
He had been at the Milwaukee Water
Purification Plant until last November
when he came to the Forest Products
Laboratory in Madison where is is now
working on material containers.
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