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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 65, Number 8 (May 1964)

Necrology,   pp. 30-[31]

Page 30

  Kathy O'MEARA is a stewardess with
United Airlines, working out of Denver.
  Roger W. CLAUS is ending his second
year of a three year General Electric em-
ployee relations training program at G.E.'s
medium transformer department in Rome,
  Mr. and Mrs. Mark SHULMAN (Mary
ANDERSON '62), Highland Park, N.J.,
announce the birth of their first child,
Beth Ann, March 16. Mr. Shulman is a
member of the meteorology department at
Rutgers University.
  Bill RICHARDS is the new head baske'-
ball coach at Sheboygan North High
School, Wis.
  Mr. and Mrs. John A. ANNIN (Marilyn
McMURRY '60) announce the birth of
their second son, Michael Edward, on
March 3. The Annins live in Bloomington,
  Army 1st Lt. William W. WAGNER re-
ceived the 9th, 10th, and l1th Oak Leaf
Clusters to the Air Medal during cere-
monies in Vietnam, March 21. He received
the award for meritorious achievement
while engaged in aerial combat support of
ground forces of the Republic of Vietnam.
  Mr. and Mrs. Terry W. ANDERSON an-
nounce the birth of their daughter, Kim
Teman, March 10. Her father is an ap-
plication engineer at Rex-Chain Belt, Inc.,
  Anita RUBINO has received a United
States Army Europe Certificate of Achieve-
ment for her outstanding work in the
Sheridan Service Club at the Army Post
in Augsburg, Germany. She has been
transferred to a similar job in the All-
American Service Club, Berlin. She was
cited for her "conscientious efforts toward
providing 'a home away from home' for
the American soldier..."
  Frederick W. HABERMAN won the
prize for the best brief by a second-year
student in the fall series of the Harvard
Law School Ames competition at Cam-
bridge, Mass.
  Mr. and Mrs. Guy W. SIMPLER (Gail
HARMAN     '62) have a new   daughter,
Catherine Elizabeth, born March 9 in
Omaha, Neb.
  Victor C. SEAVERS has been reassigned
to Reese AFB, Tex., for training after be-
ing commissioned a second lieutenant in
the U.S. Air Force upon graduation from
officer training school at Lackland AFB,
  Carole Anne WALSH has completed
training for flight stewardess with Pan
American Airways, and will fly Jet Clip-
pers on the international airline's round-
the-world routes to Europe, Africa, and
Asia. She will be based at John F. Ken-
nedy International Airport in New York.
Newly Married
  Jayne Ann PAUCH     '60 and Glenn
Daniel PELTON, Madison.
  Louise AMUND SON and Dr.
Dale Schmoll, Hartford, Conn.
  Patricia Hallett and Charles W.
BERG, Cleveland, Ohio.
  Donna Jane McLIMANS and John Ed-
ward Bargo, Gobles, Mich.
  Kathleen Ann O'Keefe and Lowell Ray
WATKINS, Madison.
  Virginia Alice Thaw and Frederick J.
NEITZEL, Redondo, Calif.
  Wendy Lea ANDERSON and Arlyn La-
Vern Egger, Milwaukee.
  Joan FRIEDLANDER and Lawrence
Fogel, Phoenix, Ariz.
  Gail ISSELHARDT and James MacFar-
  Betty Claire MARSHALL and Masat-
sugu Yoshida, Takamatsu City, Japan.
  Roni Ann ROBERTS and George Gor-
don NEWMAN, Madison.
  Jane Toneta Thompson and Thomas
Claire O'SHERIDAN, Madison.
  Sally Annette COCHRAN and Donald
Ross PAUL, Madison.
  Margaret Denison HUNT and 1st Lt.
Peter Klock Hepler, Madison.
  Mrs. Paul Findlay '91 (Augusta J.
BODENSTEIN), Berkeley, Calif.
  Rev. Olaus QUALEN '93, Los Angeles,
  Jesse Milton BOORSE '95, Milwaukee.
  Chester FERRIS '95, Pomona, Calif.
  Mrs. Marie P. Grove '95 (F. Marie
POMEROY), Boulder, Colo.
  Georgiana McFETRIDGE '97, Baraboo.
  Mrs. Ernst Greverus '02 (Grace G.
GODARD), Washington, D. C.
  Mrs. A. W. Murley '02 (Kate L. HOCK-
ING), Elmhurst, Ill.
  John Adams CLIFFORD '05, Chicago,
  Arnon Taylor HENRY '05, Wallingford,
  Edgar Albert HALL '06, Washington,
  Rufus A. BARNES '08, Park Forest, Ill.
  Wellington Wilson HUME '08, Milwau-
  Mrs. Carl Ristvedt '09   (Helen  E.
SMITH), West Salem, Ill.
  Andrew L. QUIGLEY '11, Wauconda,
  Martin John THUE '11, Mt. Prospect,
  Florence A. WELLS '11, Wauwatosa.
  Berthold Franklyn ZINN '11, Milwau-
  Elsa Helen BREITKREUTZ '12, New
Braunfels, Texas.
  Lasser KALMAN     '12, Beverly Hills,
  Burton Hynard HAWKINS '13, West-
chester, Ill.
  Francis Arthur DENNINGER '14, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio.
  Carleton Dexter SPERRY '14, Madison.
  William Hover HARDING '15, Chicago,
  Mrs. Walter Johnson '15 (Mabel I.
LEHNHOFF), Duluth, Minn.
  J. Arthur LYONS '15, Hinsdale, Ill.
  Laurence Henry    PURDY    '15, San
Diego, Calif.
  Henry Stephen RADEMACHER        '15,
Wheaton, Ill.
  George Frederick SOELCH '16, Mil-
  Stanton UMBREIT '16, West Orange,
N. J.
  Marvin Hooper YOUNG '16, Austin,
  Erving John LEVENHAGEN '17, Mil-
  Bernard SOBEL '17, New York, N. Y.
  Alfred Moore ROGERS, Sr. '18, Chi-
cago, Ill.
  Mrs. F. Ray Alden '19 (Gladys M.
SEVERIN), Anaheim, Calif.
  Nicholas Stanislaus JOHNSON '19, Ma-
comb, Ill.
  Lawrence   Wortendyke  ANDERSON
'21, Capistrana Beach, Calif.
  Esther Bertha ZARLING '21, Milwau-
  Elgie Bernie JAMISON '22, Beetown.
  Merel Thomas MILKS '22, Brodhead.
                Wisconsin Alumnus

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