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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 10 (Feb. 1960)

Necrology,   p. 38

Page 38

  Ens. Mary E. DOUGHERTY is serving as
a Navy Nurse at the Naval Hospital at Camp
Lejeune, N. C.
  Roger W. SACKETT has joined the auto-
motive engineering section of the American
Trucking Associations in Washington, D. C.
  Recently married Mr. and Mrs. Richard
  PROBER (Joanne SHAPIRO '59) are taking
graduate studies at the University. They live
in Eagle Heights Apts.
  James L. AUTERMAN is an electrical en-
gineer with the National Bureau of Standards
in Boulder, Colo.
  Army 1st Lt. William W. BRANDT is a
  mathematician and programmer for computers
in the U. S. Army Engineer Research and
Development Laboratory at Ft. Belvoir, Va.
   Ethel VETTER is chief occupational thera-
pist at the River Bluff nursing home, Rock-
ford, Ill.
   After serving for three years on board the
 destroyer U.S.S. WEDDERBURN, Ronald J.
 LARSON '56 is living with his wife (Bar-
 bara P. LAYCOCK) in West Bend where he
 is a partner in A. C. Larson & Co., a real
 estate and insurance firm.
   Warren E. COLBURN '83, Chicago, Ill.
   Mrs. Genevieve HUENKEMEIR Aylward
 '93, (Mrs. John A.), Madison.
   William H. TASKER '93, Madison.
   Dr. George F. THOMPSON '96, Oak
 Park, Ill.
   Mrs. Arabelle ZWEIFEL Ingersoll '97,
 (Mrs. George C.), Oakland, Calif.
   James P. WETER '98, a retired Seattle
   Edwin SNOW '00, Boise, Idaho.
   Frederick D. TAYLOR '01, Chicago, I11.
   Mrs. Florence WEISSERT   Sleeper '02,
 (Mrs. Louis), Appleton.
   Ray H. HADFIELD '03, Wheaton, I11.
   Mrs. Alma PETERSON     Chapman  '03,
 Boise, Idaho.
   Robert C. BULKLEY    '05, Whitewater
   Mrs. Illma ROHR Meyer '05, (Mrs. Ar-
 thur J.), St. Louis, Mo.
   Mrs. Edith  McCORMICK     Ayers '07,
 (Mrs. Carroll C.), Great Falls, Mont.
   Mrs. Mabelle    LITTLE   Stroud '07,
 (Mrs. Perry C.), Portage.
   George W. TAYLOR '07, Kenosha.
   Augustus J. ROGERS '07, Beulah, Mich.
   Mrs. Lydia WHEELOCK Campbell '08,
 (Mrs. William), Chicago, Ill.
   Bruce McCREADY '10, Richland Center.
   Karl E. STEINMETZ     '10, Knoxville,
   Walter E. MUELLER     '10, Pau  Pau,
 W. Va.
   John BARTH '11, La Crosse.
   Harold S. CROSBY '12, Madison.
   James H. DOYLE '12, Huron, S. Dak.
  Ann OTJEN is employed by the park and
planning office of Waukesha County.
  Judy SCHWARTZ teaches English at
Washington Junior High School in
  Army 2d Lt. Richard A. GREEN has com-
pleted the military orientation course under
the Reserve Forces Act program at Brooke
Army Medical Center, Ft. Sam Houston, Tex.
  Army Pvt. Robert E. HALFERTY recently
completed the eight-week finance procedures
course at the Finance School, Ft. Benjamin
Harrison, Ind.
  Army Pvt. Gerald H. WITT, recently ar-
rived in Vietnam, is now a member of the
Military Assistance Advisory Group      in
  Army Pvt. Richard E. BLANEY has com-
pleted his basic training at the engineering
training center at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo.
  After receiving his Masters Degree in
Electrical Engineering from the Institute of
Technology, Air University, Air Force 1st
Lt. Edward P. SCHELONKA has been as-
signed to the 6594th Launch Squadron at
Vandenburg AFB, Calif.
  Kathleen CUMMINGS has accepted a po-
sition as district director for the Michigan
Trails Girl Scout Council in Grand Rapids,
  Joseph T. GALLAGHER '14, Cleveland,
  Glenn G. BALCOM '15, Kenosha.
  Roy A. CLIFGARD     '16, Long Beach,
  John L. NEWMAN        '17, Milwaukee
  Mrs. Ellen   TENNEY     Moore   '20,
(Mrs. Robert), Altoona.
  Allen UHL, '20, Galesville.
  W. R. DAVIES '21, Eau Claire.
  Leon L. KAY '22, New York City.
  Marie B. STAINER '24, Eau Claire.
  Sturtevant HINMAN '24, Glencoe, Ill.
  Judson W. STAPLEKAMP '25, Kenosha.
  Mrs. Jean McNAMARA      Heuston '25,
(Mrs. Emory), New York City.
  Victor R. WALSH '27, Des Moines, Ia.
  John R. NORCROSS '28, Glenview, Ill.
  Emma J. CRONE '30, Marathon, Ia.
  Dorothy FEREBEE '30, Richland Center.
  Roman BROTZ '31, Sheboygan.
  Mynard W. BESSERT '32, Madison.
  William A. NOSIK '33, Cleveland, Ohio.
  Mrs. Dorothy KING Galle '34, (Mrs.
Fred), Green Bay.
  Col. Math F. REGNER '35, Wiesbaden,
  Mrs. Solveig VALLIS Buckner '36, (Mrs.
Perry), Madison.
  Dr. Cyril A. SCHWARZE '36, Watertown.
  Robert D. MURPHY '40, Peshtigo.
  William B. RHINEHART '43, Madison.
  Dr. Henry F. RATTUNDE '47, Monrovia,
  Dr. Bernice H. VANDENBERG        '56,
Pittsburgh, Pa.
newly married
  Edith A. VOORSANGER and Walter R.
TICK, San Francisco, Calif.
  Elinor E. Mason and Mark E. EMERSON,
New York City.
  Phyllis KETTELHON and Peter L. Eich-
man, Madison.
  Helena M. Vaseo do Valle Silva and
James J. MAHONEY, Milwaukee.
  Elizabeth A. HUTTER '56 and Paul M.
RYAN, Janesville.
  Rosemary R. Rudstrom and Thomas E.
ELBERT, Milwaukee.
  Lois C. MEYER and Richard M. Pedigo,
Oxnard, Calif.
  Paula A. Palangi and Richard E. McDON-
ALD, Dallas, Texas.
  Harriet J. HAUGAN '58 and Bruce B.
DOUGLAS, Janesville.
  Nancy A. MURRY and Paul K. Barkla,
Washington, D.C.
  Mary K. KRONCKE and Frank R. Willis,
San Francisco, Calif.
  Judith L. DeWESE '57 and Robert E.
SHAMU, Madison.
  Nancy A. Doolan and Robert J. TRO-
TALLI, Milwaukee.
  Nancy L. PAPKE and Craig W. Textor,
  Judith A. Eckart and Owen L. FELTON,
  Judith K. WYATT '59 and Dale A. NEL-
SON, Wilmington, Del.
  Judith BRUCE '59 and John W. NYHUS,
Hibbing, Minn.
  Betty J. BONHAM and Thomas A. LIES,
Wyandotte, Mich.
  Karen I. Hawkins and Ens. Dale F. FUL-
  LER, Madison.
  Dorothy E. Olson and G. Brian BAGLEY,
  Rosanne BOTHAM and Thomas F. RAE-
  MISCH, Madison.
  Jean E. McDowell and John F. Mc-
  MENOMY, Madison.
  Marlyn A. JOHNSON and Michael E.
  Donagan, Milwaukee.
  Joan Aspenleiter and Jack SAICHEK,
  Sandwich, Ill.
  Ann F. PROCTOR and Albert F. Kretsch-
  mer, Phoenix, Ariz.
  Wisconsin Alumnus, February, 1960

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