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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 58, Number 10 (Feb. 15, 1957)

Necrology,   p. 39

Page 39

I          Necrology
  Edward W. LAWTON, '89, Green Bay
  Mrs. Charles F. Weller (Eugenia WINS-
TON), '89, of Conway, N. H.
  Anna J. HASWELL, '91, a pioneer nurse
in the Madison area.
  Sarah E. BROWN, '94, former Milwaukee
  Mrs. A. H. Sanford (Luella M. ROB-
ERTS, '94), of La Crosse.
  Elizabeth S. STODDARD, '08, Madera,
  Frank A. EDSON, '09, Chillicothe, Ill.,
some time ago.
  Frank V. WEDLOCK, '10, founder and
president of Peerless Rubber Co.
  William H. GREEN, '10, Goshen, Ind.
  Reginald E. SANDERS, '12, Neenah.
  Sister Mary Reparata (Frances J. MUR-
RAY, '12), world-famous librarian, River
Forest, Ill., two years ago.
  Alfred L. BUSER, '12, captain of the 1911
football team, St. Paul, Minn.
  Marguerite HINCKLEY Smith, '15, Mil-
  Albert J. CRAMER, '16, (UW emeritus)
professor and dairy expert, Santa Monica,
  Lester W. ACHENBACH, '18, Helena,
Mont., some time ago.
  William H. TWENHOFEL, '18, profes-
sor emeritus of geology and former depart-
ment head, Orlando, Fla.
  Lee W. HUTCHINS, '18, Grand Rapids,
Mich., president of the Hazeltine and Perkins
Drug Co.
  Dora E. MAW Roberts, '19, Sacramento,
Calif., one year ago.
  Hilding Franklin NELSON, '19, Rockford,
Ill., some time ago.
  James M. HAYDEN, '19, Chicago, one
year ago.
  George OSTRANDER, '20, Berlin, Wis.
  Her  r j. MUTH, ', Milwaukee.
  Donald S. MILLMAN, '23, Flint, Mich.
  Orville S. FOLKEDAHL, '26, Blanchard-
  Henry L. BERNER, '26, co-publisher of
the Antigo Daily Journal, Sacramento, Calif.
  Alberta JOHNSON Price, '26, prominent
state historian, Oconomowoc.
  Clarence H. TRAVER, '27, Fairport, 'N.
Y., some time ago.
  Louis H. PALEY, '29, former Madison
businessman, Los Angeles, Calif.
  Vincent P. BATHA, '29, Carroll college
professor, Waukesha.
  Fred E. GUSTIN, '29, prominent school
administrator, Stevens Point.
  Emil F. WAGNER, '30, Madison.
  Kenneth N. WALTERS, '31, Peoria, Ill.
  Harold T. THORSON, '33, Rice Lake.
  Wray Vernon    DRAKE, '34, Whittier,
  Lawrence KLEE, '35, radio and television
script writer, Westport, Conn.
  Eugene SILVERMAN, '35, New York
City, some years ago.
  Earl Harold KABELE, '44, Portage, Wis.
  Marjorie NORTH Loring, former Madison
resident, New York City.
  Wesley ROELS, '47, De Pere.
  Sidney B. ORMAN, '52, Naugatuck, Conn.
  Eugene LEVITT, '53, Bronx, N. Y.
  Richard HODGSON, '54, Rice Lake.
  Barbara SKALITZKY, '57, Waterloo.
Wisconsin Alumnus, February, 1957

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