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Schoenfeld, Clay (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 48, Number 5 (Feb. 1947)

Trailing the Badgers,   pp. 24-26

Page 24

1901 .................             W
  Philip A. KOLE, retired principal of
the Oklahoma Avenue School, Milwau-
kee, died Nov. 22 following an illness of
six months. Mr. Kolb had retired in 1941
after serving as principal since 1924. He
had been super'intendent of schools in
Wauwatosa for 14 years previous to his
appointment as principal.
1902   . . 1.   ............ W
  Dr. Anna Yeomans REED, emeritus
professor, School of Education, New
York University, died July 29 of a heart
attack. Since her retirement from New
York University she was writing and
lecturing at Cornell University and since
1944 she has been making her home with
a sister in Boston . . . Dr. Arthur D. S.
GILLETT, superintendent of schools at
Eveleth, Minn., died Dec. 11 in an Eve-
leth hospital. He had formerly been
president of Superior State Teachers
College. Dr. Gillett had also served as
chairman of the University of Wisconsin
Board of Visitors.
1903 .        ..........W
  Homer C. HOCKETT, professor emer-
itus of History at Ohio State University,
is now a resident of Santa Barbara, Calif.
     Fannie BRAYTON    is retired and
living in Seattle, Wash. She had been
head of the English department in the
high school at Anaconda, Mont.
1904.. . ........      ....... W
  William  E. SCHRIEBER, Missoula,
Mont., who won his "W" in football
while at the University and who played
with the Madison High School team in
1897, has written that he just retired as
professor of physical education at Mon-
tana State University. He had served on
the M. S. U. faculty for 28 years and ex-
pects to spend the time operating his
orchard at Flathead Lake, Mont. ..
Joseph G. FOGG, prominent attorney of
Cleveland, 0., died Dec. 2 of a cerebral
hemorrhage. Mr. Fogg had been star
quarterback   on  Wisconsin's football
team while he was in school. At the be-
ginning of his law career he had prac-
ticed law  part time and coached the
East High football team. In 1907 he was
coach at Case School of Applied Science,
remaining through the 1910 season. He
continued his football interest as pres-
ident of the Cleveland Touchdown Club
and part owner .of the former Cleveland
Rams . . . Michael G. EBERLEIN, prom-
inent Shawano attorney, held his first
court in Appleton, in December, as judge
of the Tenth Judicial circuit. He had
been appointed Dec. 2 to the circuit
judgeship formerly held by U. S. Senator
Joseph McCarthy. After graduation from
the University, he joined his brother in
the practice of law, then he joined A. S.
Larson and continued this partnership
until Mr. Larson died in 1931. He has
practiced since with Joseph McCarthy
and later with his sons, Michael G. Eber-
lein, Jr. and Frederic C. Eberlein ...
Fred W. LUENING, Milwaukee, is edi-
torial writer for the Milwaukee Journal.
1905 .........       .......... W
  Charles E. McLEES, Muskogee, Okla.,
  attorney, died Feb. 26 from the effects of
a major operation. Mr. McLees, who had
been a "W" man while on the campus,
had returned many times for class re-
1906 .....      .......... .W
  Walter M. ATWOOD, Madison druggist,
  died Dec. 6 after an illness of several
  days. He had owned and operated the
Atwood Pharmacy for 35 years and had
retired Nov. 1, 1945 . . . Carey C. FISHER
is a salesman in Cicero, Ill. He is living
at 5106-21st St., Apt. 3.
1908 .......... W
  Lawrence G. JOHNSON, county clerk
  of Jefferson County, died Dec. 9 in
  Phoenix, Ariz. He had been elected
  county clerk in 1944 and was reelected in
  the fall election. He is survived by his
  wife, the former Maude Terry, '08,
  1909 .........     .......... W
  Theodore H. SCHOENWETTER, Min-
  eral Springs, Topanga, Calif., is employed
  by the US Treasury Internal Revenue
  Service. He is a deputy collector with
  headquarters in Santa Monica . . . Lois
  OWENS, Wauwatosa, died Feb. 18, 1946.
~ΒΌ&/i  lf/z L~cdyoe'z
191,0  ..     .. ...... W
  Dr. Harold C. BRADLEY, professor of
physiological chemistry at the Univer-
sity, has been granted a leave of ab-
sence for the second semester beginning
Feb. 1 . . . Leo E. GIBSON, a former Ft.
Atkinson resident, died Nov. 8 at his
home in Detroit, Mich. He had been an
employee of the Detroit Co .... George
E. WORTHINGTON, Washington, D. C.,
is in Tokyo on a mission relating to the
external assets of Japan.
1911 .        ..........W
  Dr. William E. BUTT, Viroqua, retired
physician, died Nov. 19 at his home. He
is survived by his son, Cyrus, '34, and a
sister Jane, '10 . . . City Attorney Peter
J. MURPHY, Chippewa Falls, died Dec. 8
of a heart attack. He had practiced law
in Chippewa Falls for 35 years. Mr. Mur-
phy had served overseas in World War I
... Ray S. HULCE, Whitewater, died
Dec. 18 of a heart ailment. Mr. Hulce
had been on the College of Agriculture
faculty here from 1920 to 1925. He had
also been associated with the dairy hus-
bandry department of the University of
1912 .....                .....    W
  Carl NEPRUD, Coon Valley, has-re-
tired as inspector general of customs in
China. His last post was in charge of
the Port of Shanghai. He expects to
make Coon Valley his home . . . Herman
F. KOLLOGF Milwaukee, died Nov. 6
after a heart attack. Mr. Kolloge was
manager of the N. 3rd St. store of the
Badger Paint Co. . . . Andrew H. MEL-
VILLE, professor of economics at Colum-
bia University and Penn State College,
died Nov. 20 at the age of 74. Mr. Mel-
ville had been with the extension divi-
sion of the University of Wisconsin from
1915 to 1918.
1913.                              W..... ....    w
  Myron A. TACK, Shaker Heights, 0.,
formerly of Chicago, died Nov. 24 of a
heart attack. He was chief engineer of
the Interlake Iron Co. and had only re-
cently moved to Shaker Heights . . . Dr.
Allen SIVYER, Milwaukee, retired assist-
ant medical director for the Northwest-
ern Mutual Life Insurance Co., died Dec.
  Badger Night in, Seattle
  "DEC. 5
must have
b e e n 'Wis-
consin night'
in Seattle,
ton," writes
Scholz, '41,
"'what with
Bricken and
Tohansen at
the Moore
theater and
Tom Rey-
nolds, '37,
and me at
the Metro-
pontan Tne-         SCHOLZ
ater with
State of the Union." Willy will be
remembered as a leading Haresfoot
and Wisconsin Players star just be-
fore the war. Carl Bricken, now con-
ductor of the Seattle Symphony, is a
former director of the Wisconsin
School of Music. Prof. Gunnar Johan-
sen is now on the Wisconsin faculty.
10. He had been with the company for
22 years . . . Jessica B. ANDERSON,
Columbia, S. C. artist, died Dec. 11. Miss
Anderson had been assistant secretary
of the Milwaukee Club. She left Milwau-
kee in 1928 to make her home with her
brother in Montgomery, Ala. and then in
Columbia. She spent much time painting
and exhibited her water colors and,
sketches in Montgomery.
1914 .       ...........           W
  Clark M. OSTERHELD, Stoughton, has
been elected vice president of the Mc-
Graw Electric Co., Chicago. In addition
Mr. Osterheld will continue to serve as
general manager of the Clark water
heater division-. . . Robert K. HENRY,
Jefferson, newly reelected congressman
from Wisconsin, died Nov. 20 in a Madi-
son hospital. Mr. Henry was former state
treasurer and in 1944 had been elected
congressman from the second Wisconsin
district and reelected in the recent 'elec-
tion ... George S. BULKLEY, Oconomo-
woc, is general superintendent of the
Carnation Co. there.
1915 .........      .......... W
  Herman V. GAERTNER, formerly of
Madison, has been elected controller of
the B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, 0. Mr.
Gaertner joined the Goodrich Co. in 1916
. . . Wilfred H. WILLIAMS, Minneapolis,
Minn., died Sept. 18. He had been gen-
eral salesmanager and secretary-treas-
urer of the Super Six Sales Co., an'd
Super Six Manufacturing, Inc., of Minne-
apolis ... Edward A. SIPP, Chicago, has
been appointed manager, railway divi-
sion, Reynolds Metals Co. Mr. Sipp was
associated with the Pyle-National Co.,
an expansion of the Burgess Battery Co.,
for 31 years as manager, research de-
partment. He joined the Reynolds Co. in
July, 1946.
1916 .........      .......... W
  Max E. DAVIDSON, Minneapolis, died
Nov. 6 of a heart attack. At the time of
his death he had been manager of the
Minneapolis odffce of the US Employment
Service. Mr. Davidson had served in
World War I . . . Dr. Arnold S. JACK-
SON, Madison, of the Jackson Clinic and
Methodist Hospital staff, was guest edi-
tor of the December issue of the American
Journal of Surgery . . . Justice John D.
WICKHEM of the Wisconsin Supreme
Court has rejected an assignment as one
of the judges in the German war crimes
trials. Justice Wickhem has served on
the Wisconsin Supreme Court for 15
years and was most recently reelected in
1917 .........      .......... W
  Claire B. BIRD, Wausau, was married
to Claude R. Jerdin, Madison, on Dec. 16
at Western Springs, Ill.
1918 .........      .......... W
  Mrs. Holland L. ROBB (Marion SAN-
FORD), formerly of La Crosse, is with
her husband Col. Robb, at Seoul, Korea
* . . Waldo R. ARNOLD, managing edi-
tor of the Milwaukee Journal, died Nov. 7
of a heart attack. He began working for
the Journal as a copy reader in 1917. He
is survived by his wife, the former
Mildred HUSSA    '20 . . . Arthur C.
SPRINKMANN, Milwaukee, died Nov. 12
at the Deaconess Hospital. Mr. Sprink-
mann was vice president of the Sprink-
mann Sons Corp., industrial insulating
contracting firm. He is survived by two
brothers, Ernest S., '15, Milwaukee, and
Roland C., '20, Daytona Beach, Fla....
Mrs. Allen G. WALLER (Ingrid NEL-
SON) News Brunswick, N. J., was elected
"First Lady of the Year" by a group of
10 Beta Sigma Phi electors. She was
honored by a group of three (N. J.) chap-
ters of the organization . . . Mrs. Charles
Lean, Va., is author of State Occasion, a
play which was produced in the campus
theater of the Catholic University, Wash-
ington, D. C. . . . The "advertising
brains" for Gimbels, Berenice FITZ-
GIBBON (Mrs. Herman Block), was ex-

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