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Egstad, Herman M. (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 30, Number 3 (Dec. 1928)

Alumni news,   pp. 101-104

Page 101

December, .1928                   THE WISCONSIN ALUMNI MAGAZINE         
                               Page '0',
                                       Alumni News
Notices of engagements, marriages, births, and deaths should be brief, definite,
and accurate.             Correct spelling of
                                 proper names should receive careful attention.
             BIRTHS                   1925 To Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. MUENZ-
   1923 Hazel M. FISH, to ROY J. Saindon
                                       1925 HERG  (MarjorieBENTON)  a son,
       ]Richmond, Ind., August 8. At home
1912  To Mr. and Mrs. Basil I. PETERSON, a        Robert Benton, on Decemher
2, 1927.         at 115 S. 9th st., Richmond.
             sonDanil Alert Sep. 20 at  hi- 1925  To Mr. and Mrs. D. Gilman
TAYLOR   1923  Kathryn Popham    StehnoCi
     cago.                            1925  (Margaret CAMPBELL) a son, John
      cago, to Frank L. BumER, Ptsbrh
           1914  To Mr.and Mrs. A.M. JohnstonCampbell, April 11, at Minneapolis.
            October 11, 'at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs.
     (Florence Ross), a daughter, Martha   1926  To Mr. and Mrs. James VERNER
a son          Bumger are, mhiakigoter. oeat73
     Ann, September 5, at Appleton, Wis.    James Jr., on August 10.    
         CeirS.     hcg.
1916  To. Dr. and Mrs. Henry Cobourn        M.A. To Mr. and Mrs. Roland Kenneth
        193    MUdeLV FryeuSt. PaltobDr. C. Ft
1917 HOWARD (Margaret FAY), a son,     1928 MEYER a son, Roland Kenneth,
Jr.,      MdULL,. MlAuke   October 9,chatd
     Henry Cobourn Howard III, Sep-         September 11, at Madison.   
          MaisntrWi. A  oei      ihai
     tember 20, at Akron, Ohio.193CneWs
       193Helen F. Orr, Jackson, Mich., to I-
1916 To Mr. and Mrs. T. W. Jamison, Jr.,EN            G  M  NT          
          Robert DoHR, Oshkosh, September
     (Penelope WESTCOTT), a son, T. WorthEN         A    MNT            
         17, at Oshkosh. Mr. and Mrs. Robert
     Jamison 111, September 21, at Balti-DoraeesdninJcoMch
     more.                             1923 Grace AUSTIN, Madison, to J.
ex; '18 ToMr. and Mrs. M. J.CAE             Gray, Pearson, Okla. Mr. Gray
is a1923 Mollie Litowitch, Appleton, to Dr.
1918  (MOagdalin CRsONIN) a son, on October        graduate of the University
of Pitts-       Joseph BARAltZo Mdionoeme
     6, at Grosse Pointe, Mich.             burgh.4,aApltn
          ex '20To Mr and Ms. Haold W.Grout 1923  Elizabeth  KIRK, Philadelphia,
to    1924  Marion H. Walker, Bridgeni, Ontario,
19190 T (Esther STEUEL) aHsondRichardS      Dr. Edward Rose, Philadelphia.
       to Warren A. MASON, August 18, at
  Oc9 Etober 2,StEUEMarysoin, Oihio.194FiSeMa.aeCncnai               oSarnia,
Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. Mason
                        Octobe 2, a MarysilleOhio.  924  Fitzie  ae Baer,
Cicinnai, toare living in West Allis, Wis., where
1920  To Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Christy            Albert 'Vinton STEGEMAN,
Jr., Cin-         Mr. Mason is an engineer with the
     (Gertrude NOETZEL) a son, Bruce        cinnati.                    
         National Enameling & Stamping Co.,
     Noetzel, April 28.               1924  Viola Mader, Eau Claire, to Edmund
1920 To Mr. and Mrs. Earle N. Wheelock      HART, Elroy, Wis.           
    1924 Virginia Shaffer, Northwood, Iowa, to
     (Marion KIMBALL) a daughter, Diana,   1925  Careta M. Fox, Dodgeville,
to Dan           Eugene G. WILLIAMS, June 2.     At
     June 13, at Urbana, Ill.         1925  E. GOTHAM.                  
         home in Oshkosh, where Mr. Williams
1921  To Mr and Mrs. Harvey G. MEYER a      1925  Elsie EVANS, Superior,
to Kurt Sic-         is practicing law.
     daughter, Helen Harvey, at Knoxville,       mens, Milwaukee. Mr. Siemens
is a     1924   Catherine L. PRICE, Milwaukee, to
     Tenn.                                  graduate of Yale.           
          Fredrick 0. Hass, Milwaukee, August
1921 To Mr. and Mrs. John PINNEY, a   1925  Lenore LUENZMAN, Milwaukee, to
       28, at Milwaukee. At home in Mil-
     daughter. Carol Lorene, September      F. Merrill Linderman, Mt. Carroll,
     23, at Ottowa, Kans.                   Ill.                        
    1924 Helen M. WYCKOFF, to Wilbur J.
1921  To Mr. and Mrs. John N. THOMPSON,     1926  Rose   M. HALPERIN, Madison,
to             Woodruff, September 8.  At home at
     a son, John Wanamaker, October 1.1927  Charles KADESEVITZ.         
         325 E. Third St., Alton, Ill.
1921  To Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. POLLOCK     1929   LeNoir BLOTT, Mukwanago,
Wis., to    ex '24 H-elen  Harlbaugh,  Milwaukee,  to
1923 (JessieMCCLYM'ONT) a  daughter,   197CifrC.FAEN           Fedic    
          Clifford J. McHuGHI, October 13, at
     konne JaAgs       1atMlu-        1927  Sylviafr A. JORGENSEN, Frenoshaic
t   Milwaukee. They are living at the
     Bonni JeanSyvAugustORG1NSNatKMilwau-toStewart Apartments, Fifteenth
1921 To .Mr. and Mrs. Cecil E. WHITE  ex '25 Kenneth ZAHRTE.            
     (Josephine SAMMIs) a son, Corkleigh   1928  Mary   E. HARHOUNT,    
Chillicothe,  1924  Julia Bernice RHODE, Kenosha, to
     Edgar, October 1, at Milwaukee.        Ohio, to Dr.. BurtonClark, Jr.,
      Edward W. Scheckler, October 6, at
1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Samuel SewallOskh.aelvnonteLeSorRad
     (Charlotte O'MALLEY) a son, Michael.                               
         Krenoshing onMr. Landkrs Shoekoaer
     O'Malley, October 31, at Minneapolis.       MARRIAGES              
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph DAUKSYS                                     
    cx '24 HelenHAUSMANN, Milwaukee, to
         1923  Marin CRNE),B daghte, Macia. 1900  S. May LUCAS, Broadhead,
to John          Joseph R. Yanggen. Neenah, October
  August 16, at Aledo, Ill.             H. Kleckner, June 6, at Brodhead.
     20, at Milwaukee.A homeao13
ex '22 To Mr. and Mrs. George THIERNAN      1912   Alma BUiHLIG to John W.
Watson,            Morris Blvd., Shorewod, Milwaukee.
1922  (Fidele FRITZ), a daughter. Gloria          April 30, at Chicago  
At home at     1924  Margaret MOORE, Thorntown, Iad.,
     Fidele, September 30, at Milwaukee.         6907 Paxton Ave., Chicago.toRbrT.amyrndripls
1922  To. Dr. and Mrs. R. W. VAN HOUTEN     1913  Dora R. Fox, Fond du Lac,
to John           They are living at 315 Franklin St.,
     a daughter, Jane Evelyn, October 6,         Cosgrove October 24 at Fond
du Lac.         Sandusky, Ohio.
     at Oakes, N. D.           .At home at 45 Fourth St.                
    1924 Clarita Matheuny Coloma to Herbert
1922  To Mr. and Mrs. Garret D. ROBAR a      1917  Iona WESSEL, to James
M. Bell at           FinSAPE    OctobJeron21. Atihomeat,
     son, Leland Jay, May 22, at Glenview,  Wrangel, Alaska.            
         Finate Sana Jeonmo    Miamr.
  192 lTlM.anMr.AeadrH        ilo     1918 Emma ENGLAND, Racine, to B. 0.
   1925 Phyllis BOND to Clifford Makelim
         1922To  r. ad Ms. Aexader  amiton 1908  BISHOP, October 6. At home
at 1128         October 24, at Chicago. Mr. and Mrs.
     (Jean EMERSON) a daughter, Marjorie    College Ave., Racine.       
         Makelim are residing at 930 Judson
     Grace, September 8, at Baker, Mont.   1920  Florence R. Coon, to Dr.
Herman H-          Ave., Evanston.
1922 To Mr. and Mrs. George B. STOLLEY      HUBERi, March, 1.           
    1925  Hulda Anderson, Brandford, Conn.,
     twin sons, JmsSemnadRc-          1921  Grace F. Pluckhahn to Walter
B.       to Lester DICKSON, Milwaukee, Sep-
     ard Brcway, October 3.                 KOEHLER, July 29, at Dalhart,
Texas.  temnber 10. at South Bend. Ind.
1923 To Mr. and Mrs. Edwin B. Gearhart      At home at 471 W. 14th St., Trenton-95DrtyH
       AKN    oJmsT
     MIabeln ToTTER) a4agtr.Iae              o                          
    1924 WATSON, September 8. Mr. and Mrs.
             Marion, on May 4.           ~~1921  Ada Virginia McWhinney,
Pittsburgh,        Watson are living in St. Louis, Mo.,
1923 To  Dr. and Mrs. Henry  Lenzen         to Charles F. MOORE, September
29.    where Mr. Watson is an agent with
     Schmitz (Marion CONNOR) a daughter,         at New York City. At home
at 2105           the Aetna Life Ins. Co.
     Anna, October 12, at Chicago.          Montague Terrace, Jacksonville,
cx '23 To Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. STaIGER      1921  Mabel J. JONES, Ripon,
to Clency H.   1925  Loretta KROHN, Oconomowoc, to Roy
1921  (Ruth   STORM)  a  daughter, Ann            Hasbrouck, Glendale, Calif.,
October  1927  F. KORFHAGE, Fulton, N. Y., July 25,
     Elizabeth, on June 16.                9, at Ripon. They are making their
    at Oconomowoc.  Mr. Korfhage is
                                                     home in Glendale.  
        ~~chief chemist for the Peter Cailler
ex '23 To Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert C. TURNER          hminGedl.Kohler Swiss Cholcolate
Co. at Fulton.
1923  (Dorothy KRERS), a daughter, Nancy    1921  Jane E. PFANN, Marion,
Ohio, to
     Nell, October 15, at University City.       Irving A. Anderson, Brooklyn,
Octo-   1925  Mae F. Johnson, La      Crosse, to
     Mo.                                   ber 24, at Marion.           
         Robert C. GRELLE, Madison, at
1924 To Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. LANDKAMER  1921  Grace GLEERUP, California, to
Dr.     Minneapolis.
1923  (Helen MINCH) a son, James Carl,            John Monteith, Jr., Washington,
D.    1925  Laura K. Pearson, Milwaukee to
     September 20, at Minneapolis.          C., October 6, at Madison. Dr.
and    Elmer C. KRIEGER, October 12, at
                                            Mrs. Monteith arc making their
home         Milwaukee.
1924 To Mr. and Mrs. Francis C. WHITE-      in Washington.
1923  HEAD (Frances Vandervoort TRiPP) a    ex '22 Louise Callaway to Alfred
D. HOTTON  1925  Dorothy E. BREHM to Louis M. Hans
     son, William Vandervoort, September         in August. Mr. Hotton is
a buyer in         at Racine, Wis., on May 26.
     29.                                   the furniture department of Sears
1925 Marie K. DAMEZ to Robert 0. Cook,
1924 To Captain and Mrs. Paul H. Streit     Roebuck & Co., in Atlanta,
Ga.        September 22, at Manitowoc. They
     (Metta MEGEATH) a son, John Paul,     1922  Esther M. LINDSTEN to Joseph
P.             are living in Hollywood, Calif.
     June 29, at Washington, D. C.          Hook on October 6.          
    12     uhK    ELWs       liWst
1924  To Mr. and Mrs. J. Kendrick Nobel     cx '22 Mrs. Elsie V. Perry, Rockford,
to    1926  Lester J. KREBS, Chicago Heights,
     (Orrel T. BALDWIN) a son, James       Alfred L. KURANZ, Bangor, October
     Ill., September 8. At home at 878 69th
     Kendrick Jr., October 6, at Yonkers,        12, at Madison. Mr. and
Mrs. Kuranz         Ave.. West Allis.
     N. Y.                                 are at home at 1610 Seventh St.,
    1926 Lucille Walkush, Ashland, Wis., to
1925 To Mr. and Mrs. Ralph WACKMAN    1922  Esther HAVEN, Hudson, to David
       E. Lester HOPPENYAN, Ashland, July
1926 (Suzanne HUSTING), a son, Peter        Fonseca, Chicago, October 11.
They     18, at Duluth.They are living in
     Husting, April 16.                    are living in Chicago.       

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