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The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 14, Number 3 (Dec. 1912)

Buckstaff, G. A.
"Benefits forgot",   p. [143]

Page [143]

            "BENEFITS FORGOT"
                       "Freeze! Freeze! thou bitter skp,
                   That doth not bite so nigh,
                      As benefits forgot." well that our Alma Mater has no personal mind or heart,
          otherwise I am afraid that brooding over the neglect and
          forgetfulness of her many children, she would perish of
   Last June, the Alumni Associalron, at its annual meeting with a
 large attendance, took up with much enthusiasm the project of
 establishing Alumni Headquarters in Madison, with a permanent
 paid secretary, and instructed its new set of officers to carry out the
 adopted plan.
   As has been stated in these pages, the plan was to help the alumni
 and the undergraduafe, but above all was the greater aim to so
 organize and bring together the alumni that they should have a
 powerful influence to help strengthen the university and carry its
 usefulness to all the people in the state, and to so guide its work and
 policies that no question of private interest or personal ambition
 should ever threaten its democratic rule.
   In response to the command of the Alumni Association, the officers
of the Association have established Alumni Headquarters, conducted
by an- experienced competent secretary, and the work is being done,
but the alumni have not responded to the call for funds to carry on
the work.
  An alumnus, who has been out of the university more than twenty-
five years, and in that time has made an enviable reputation in his
profession and has become prominent in the state as a platform
advocate of. great public questions of statecraft. and has aided by
his business ability in building up a city, said to me last summer
that he would give almost anything to be able to go back to Madison
to an alumitll gailtherllingl and to find thel enthIusI:.U tias   and joy
ing that he had seen at'such institutions as Yale, Harvard and
  He goes no more to Madison at commencement time. He wonders
if handing an education free to a student at public expense dries
up his well of gratitude, or if the privately endowed institutions of
the east develop a higher sense of loyalty.
  Ours has many times been called the greatest state university in
the world. While we are patting ourselves on the back over this,
it might be well to pause and remember that this is said of the uni-
versity because of its administration and faculty. Let us hope it
may some day be said of our Alumni Association.
  This call for funds is not expected to be an annual program; but
we expect to get such a large Alumni Association that the dues will
support the headquarters.
  I hope every former student of the university, whether a graduate
or not, will feel called upon to send to the Treasurer, Mr. Chas. N.
Brown, -Madison, Wis., whatever he feels he can contribute to this
cause. Be it much or little, it will be appreciated by the officers,
who are trying to carry on the Association work.
                                        G. A. BUCKSTAFF, '86,
                                 President, Alumni Association.

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