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Academic staff (1975-2001) (1975-2001)

Academic staff assembly and academic staff executive committee ([date unknown])

African languages and literature ([date unknown])

African Studies Program ([date unknown])

Aldo Leopold: biographical materials (1948-1959)

Anthropology ([date unknown])

Arboretum (1982-1998) (1982-1998)

Arthur H. Robinson: professor of geography ([date unknown])

Associations, federations, societies, etc. : Teaching Assistants Association 1981-2000 (1981-2000)

Associations, federations, societies: National Academy of Sciences (1949-2001) (1949-2001)

Athletics: licensing (ca. 2000)

Athletics: National Collegiate Athletic Association (ca. 2000)

Athletics: women (ca. 2000)

Bank administration ([date unknown])

Bascom Hall and Bascom Hill ([date unknown])

Bascom Hill historic district ([date unknown])

Bascom Plaque ([date unknown])

Biotechnology Center ([date unknown])

Bucky Badger (1953-1999)

Camp Randall football stadium (1961-2000)

Campus disruptions: Black protest (1968-1969)

Cancer research (1986-2001) (1986-2001)

Center for Education Research, WI (1964-2001) (1964-2001)

Charles R. Van Hise: president, University of Wisconsin, 1903-1918 (1905-1999)

College of Engineering: chemical (1945-2003)

College of Engineering: general (1991-2001)

Commencement ([date unknown])

Computer center ([date unknown])

Dance Department (1950-2001)

Demonstrations, protests, and disruptions: anti-war (spring 1972) (1972)

Demonstrations, protests, and disruptions: anti-war students strike (May, 1970)

Demonstrations, protests, and disruptions: general 1966-1977 (1966-1977)

Demonstrations, protests, and disruptions: Laos invasion (1971) (1971)

Demonstrations, protests, and disruptions: rumor center (1969-1970)

Department of African American Studies ([date unknown])

Department of Astronomy (1957-2001)

Department of Botany ([date unknown])

Department of Communication Arts (1959-2001)

Department of Computer Sciences (1964-2001)

Department of English (1957-2001)

Department of History (1960-2001)

Department of Zoology ([date unknown])

Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer ([date unknown])

Distance education (1995?-6/2001) (1995-2001)

Donna Shalala: speeches/Statements ([date unknown])

Edward A. Birge: president, UW 1918-25: professor of aquatic ecology ([date unknown])

Edwin E. Witte: economics chairman ([date unknown])

Elroy Hirsch ([date unknown])

Elvehjem Museum of Art: exhibits (1983-2002)

Estate planning seminar ([date unknown])

Frank H. Farley: professor of educational psychology (1968-1994)

Frank J. Remington: professor of law ([date unknown])

Frederic Cassidy: emeritus professor of English ([date unknown])

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies (1970-2000)

Gaylord Nelson: governor of Wisconsin ([date unknown])

Gender equity (1993 - 2010) (1993-2010)

Geography ([date unknown])

George L. Mosse ([date unknown])

Geosciences Department (1962-2009) (1962-2009)

H. Gobind Khorana: professor of Enzyme Institute (1960-1976)

Harry F. Harlow: professor of psychology ([date unknown])

Harry Steenbock: professor of biochemistry (1967)

Harry Waisman: professor of pediatrics (1954-1999)

Hebrew and Semitic Studies ([date unknown])

History of science ([date unknown])

Homecoming (1955-2001)

Housing - Eagle Heights (1950-2001)

Housing - Southeast Dorms (1958-1985)

Housing - Susan Davis house (1952-1989)

Housing - Veteran's housing ([date unknown])

Humorology (1950-1988)

Industrial Relations Research Institute ([date unknown])

Institute for Enzyme Research ([date unknown])

Institute for Research in Humanities (1955-2001)

International studies and programs: Africa ([date unknown])

International studies and programs: Indonesia ([date unknown])

International studies and programs: Mexico ([date unknown])

International studies and programs: Nicaragua ([date unknown])

International studies and programs: Philippines ([date unknown])

International studies and programs: Venezuela ([date unknown])

International studies program (1969-2001) (1969-2001)

James Graaskamp: Dept. of Commerce (1966-1983)

John Bascom: president of UW (1874-1887)

John Muir (Park-Tree-Knoll) (1938-1999)

Journalism: lectures, conferences, workshops (1965-2000)

Karl Paul Link: emeritus professor of biochemistry (1946-1999)

Lectures, conferences, workshops: Wisconsin Idea seminar (1986-1999)

Lectures: Andrew T. Weaver ([date unknown])

Lectures: Edward Kremers ([date unknown])

Lectures: general (1994-2001)

Lectures: Julian Mack ([date unknown])

Lectures: Max Kade ([date unknown])

Lectures: Oscar Rennebohm ([date unknown])

Lectures: Virgil Herrick ([date unknown])

Libraries: College Library ([date unknown])

Libraries: general (1992-2000)

Libraries: Memorial (1964-2001)

Life-saving station ([date unknown])

Map, campus ([date unknown])

Marching band (1983-2001)

Mathematics Research Center bombing, August 24, 1970: releases, official statements, and reports (1970)

McIDAS - Man-computer interactive data access (1974-1994)

Medical Center for Health Sciences (1994-1999)

Medical School: general (1995-2001)

Medical, Comprehensive Cancer Center (1976-7/2001) (1976-2001)

Medical, University Health Services (1963-7/2001) (1963-2001)

Memorial Union Theatre (1939-2002)

Memorial Union: general (1948-1990)

Memorial Union: Rathskeller ([date unknown])

Memorial Union: Union Terrace ([date unknown])

Menahem Mansoor: professor of Hebrew and Semitic studies ([date unknown])

Meteorology research (1958-2001) (1958-2001)

Michael E. Leckrone: band director, School of Music ([date unknown])

Minority groups: discrimination, racism, and race equality (1964-2001)

Minority groups: diversity (1998-2000)

Minority groups: fraternity incidents ([date unknown])

Minority groups: Holley Report ([date unknown])

Newspapers ([date unknown])

Office of admissions (1999-2000)

Peace Corps (1964-2001)

Physical plant (1962-2001) (1962-2001)

Polar and Geophysical Research Center ([date unknown])

Porter F. Butts ([date unknown])

Ralph O. Nafziger ([date unknown])

Red Gym (1957-2001)

Reid A. Bryson: director, Institute for Environmental Studies, professor of meteorology (1949-1981)

Research - dairy science (1952-7/2001) (1952-2001)

Research - psychology (1958-2001) (1958-2001)

Research - genetics (1957-2001) (1957-2001)

Robert E. Gard: Wisconsin Idea theater ([date unknown])

Robert L. Grilley: chairman, Dept. of Art Education, professor of art education ([date unknown])

Robert Marion LaFollette Jr.: politician and ex-senator from Wisconsin ([date unknown])

Rural Sociology Department (1962-2009)

Scholarships, fellowships, awards, etc.: Wisconsin Idea ([date unknown])

School of Library and Information Studies (1949-2001)

Segregated fees ([date unknown])

Space and astronomy: Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) (1964 - 2001) (1964-2001)

Space and astronomy: Washburn Observatory (1948-2003)

Stanley I. Kutler: professor of history (1964-2002)

State of Wisconsin governor's office (1971-2005)

Stephen Moulton Babcock (1931)

Student organizations: general (1979-2004) (1979-2004)

Student organizations: United States Student Association (1949-2000) (1949-2000)

Thomas E. Brittingham: trust estate (1951-2000) (1951-2000)

Tuition (1998-2001)

University housing: Camp Gallistella, tent colony (1937-1983)

University housing: Elm Drive halls (1957-1976)

University housing: general (1984-2000)

University housing: Groves Women's Co-operative House: 1104 West Johnson Street (1948-1951)

University housing: Harvey Street (1955-1996)

University housing: Holt Commons (1956-1964)

University housing: Honors House (1989)

University housing: Knapp House (1949-1999)

University housing: short course dormitories (1948-1960)

University housing: Sullivan Hall (1958-1959)

University housing: trailer camps, married students, veterans (1948-1958) (1948-1958)

University housing: YMCA (1949-1959) (1949-1959)

University news service (1953-1983)

University of Wisconsin - Madison: "facts" (1970-1975) (1970-1975)

University of Wisconsin 125th anniversary (1974) (1974)

University research park (1962-1997) (1962-1997)

University research park (1997-2005) (1997-2005)

UW Press-MSN (1957-1998) (1957-1998)

UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine (1979-2001) (1979-2001)

Verner E. Suomi: emeritus professor of meteorology (1986-1995)

Virology: lectures, conferences, workshops ([date unknown])

Weekly newspaper editors ([date unknown])

Wisconsin Idea (1957-1998)

Wisconsin Idea endowment (2001)

Wisconsin Idea: examples of public service ([date unknown])

Wisconsin Idea: file 2 (1998)

Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center (1967-1997) (1967-1997)

Women's Studies Resource Center (1975-2010): renamed Center for Research on Gender and Women (1975-2010)

Zoology Museum ([date unknown])

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