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Loeb, Max (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 7, Number 3 (Dec. 1905)

Professor Bashford on football,   pp. 118-122

Page 118

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 Professor Bashford on Fu
   On Dec.,4, before the Six O'clock   ties to form a conferenc
 Club, Prof. R. M. Bashford delivered  scribes, :rules for interc
 the following address on football. It tests and decides contro0
 is extremely significant, coming as it protest by any member
 does from a former member of the      ence is made.   The elig
 athletic council, and from a man who  student is first determ
 is very far from- being prone to rad- .council of his own colle
. icalism. It is a real contribution to review by the conferen
the discussion now being waged on   in case of formal protest
modern football, the evils connected   ber of the conference.
therewith, and  methods of doing         "Different department
away with them.                        were formed in the Un
   "The Athletic Association of the    sisting' of baseball, bask
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e which pre-
llegiate con-
versies where
f the confer-
,ibility of the
ined  by the
gesubject to
Ie commi.'ttee
by any mem-
s of athletics
iversity, con-
et ball, foot-
University of Wisconsin was organ-     ball and track.  The graduate man-
ized under the . presidency of Dr. ager is the general executive officer
Adams to take general supervision      of the association  and receives a
and control of all athletic affairs. The  stated salary.  There is also a'
plan of organization placed the elec-  dent manager and his assistant for
tion of the directors in the hands of  each department who serve without
the students, all of whom, were mem-   compensation. There is a profession-
bers of the association. The Athletic  al coach engaged for each of these
Council is an independent body com-    departments except for basket ball,
posed principally of members of the    and for football there is an assistant
faculty which passes upon the eligi-   coach, a freshman coach and a trainer
bility of students to play on the teams and his assistant all of whom  are
and possesses other powers not neces-  paid by the association.  The foot-'
sary to mention. The State Univer-     ball department is the only one that
sity joined with Michigan, Minnesota,  can be expected to earn any money
Illinois, Chicago and other universi-  above actual expenses, in fact the

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