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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 77, Number 2 (Jan. 1976)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 3

Page 3

  Determination, dedication, loyalty,
a good program of work, and moti-
vated volunteers are important to
the success of an alumni association.
Truly, 1975 was the year of the volun-
teer in WAA, and I wish to salute
our Executive Committee and you
for a year that is very historic in
the annals of Wisconsin Alumni Asso-
ciation history. At its beginning we
all agreed that this would be an
unusual year because of the great
financial challenge before your Asso-
ciation. It was necessary that adequate
funds be raised to carry on a pro-
gram that has great meaning to the
University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Your Executive Committee took up
the challenge, worked closely with the
staff and developed a program that
turned out to be highly successful
and very exciting.
   A special salute should go to Carl
Krieger, who was our national presi-
dent and who devoted so many hours
to the welfare of our Association.
We have been indeed fortunate to
attract men of outstanding ability to
head this, the largest independently
financed alumni association in the
nation. Carl, because of his good
guidance and complete devotion to
the Association, pulled us through a
year that otherwise might have been
   It's been an exciting year for mem-
 bership growth: we attracted 3,088
 new members during a time when
 the economics of our country were
 difficult. It is the second highest
 year in life membership receipts,
 bringing in a total of $212,000, and
 our total dues income exceeded
 $290,000! That is tremendous alumni
 support at a time when our Asso-
 ciation needed it most.
   And we certainly want to thank
 those life members who responded so
 generously to our letter requesting
 emergency support to continue our
 Alumni Relations program.
   We tried many new things during
 1975, and implemented a number
 of fresh ideas that will be of long-
 range benefit to our Association.
   It is appropriate to salute our staff
 because they perform an outstanding
 service to you and to the University
of Wisconsin-Madison. All have
double duty and they do their jobs
well and, most importantly, with
enthusiasm and a smile. We have
the smallest alumni association staff
in the Big Ten, and yet our program
is held up as an example of out-
standing 'alumni involvement.
  It has been my good fortune to
represent you from coast to coast and
to know the enthusiasm that our
alumni have for their University and
for their Association. We have a
most outstanding alumni body that
supports not only our efforts, but those
of our sister organizations, the Wis-
consin Alumni Research Foundation
and the University of Wisconsin
Foundation. Truly, a magnificent
record of achievement and involve-
ment that is the very best in the
entire nation.
   We asked you for special assistance
 this year; you answered our call;
 you met the challenge; and it was
 a rewarding year for all. I am proud
 of our Executive Committee, our
 Board of Directors, our staff, and our
 program of work.
   As we look ahead, it will be another
 year that will test us all, but because
 we have the necessary ingredients
 for success, we will once again meet
 the challenge and continue to service
 our alma mater.
   On Wisconsin!
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr.
Executive Director

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