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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 73, Number 1 (Oct. 1971)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 2

Page 2

Arlie M. Mucks, Jr.
Executive Director
                             ON WISCONSIN
 t's great to be a winner. It's always rewarding to know that your efforts
   are recognized in your particular industry. As you'll see on page 18,
 the American Alumni Council, made up of over 1,500 alumni asso-
 ciations throughout our nation, honored your Wisconsin Alumni Association
 at its national meeting in Washington, D. C. in July. This is the
 second time in four years that it was my privilege to represent you in
 accepting an Alumni Administration Citation for improvement in programs
 seeking to mobilize alumni interest in, and support for, education.
     Outstanding universities have outstanding alumni associations. You
have read on this page many times the statements I have made relative
to the fact that a university will be no greater than its alumni want it
to be. This has been particularly true during the last three or four years
when our campus was suffering from many ills. The alumni of the
University of Wisconsin have never turned their backs on the many needs
of this great institution. When times were tough, the alumni got going
and helped their University through understanding and positive pro-
gramming. The support that you have given your Alumni Association
has been remarkable, and the award testifies to the excellence of
that support.
     It is not possible to operate without sufficient resources; your mem-
bership dues keep our program in action. We are completely
independent of University funds, truly an association of alumni.
Our principal responsibility is to involve as many UW alumni
as possible in our program, thus providing an atmosphere conducive
to full alumni support of the University. It takes not only alumni, but
hundreds of thousands of friends of the University to support its
total program. Whether you are interested in giving money for a partic-
ular field in chemistry, or whether you support the Wisconsin Student Aid
Foundation for Athletics or the University of Wisconsin Foundation
for all of the gifts, you have an opportunity to be part of the total
     The important part of winning an award is knowing that it is given by
people who are in the same business. So, across the nation, the Wiscon-
sin alumni are hailed as people who care about their University and
who take action through a program that gives continual support for
education. Therefore, on behalf of our entire Board of Directors
and our staff and officers of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, we salute
you, a winner, a truly great alumni body. You richly deserve the honors that
have been bestowed upon you by the American Alumni Council.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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