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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 72, Number 7 (May 1971)

Deaths,   pp. 30-31

Page 30

THOMAS W. CULLINGS '70 recently
completed eight weeks of basic training
at the U.S. Army Training Center at Fort
Army Nurse SHARON D. JOHNSON '70
has completed a five-week Army health
nursing orientation course at the Medical
Field service school, Brooke Army Medi-
cal Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas.
Formerly an attorney and economist for
the Library of Congress, Army Second
Lieutenant RICHARD J. PAS '70, re-
cently finished an infantry officer basic
course at the U. S. Army Infantry School
at Fort Benning, Ga.
First Lieutenant DAVID F. SPLITEK '70
has completed the officer qualification
course in the operation of the Chaparral/
Vulcan weapons systems at the U.S. Army
Air Defense School at Fort Bliss, Texas.
1971        GREGORY H. BROWN '71
has finished his eight weeks of basic train-
ing at the U.S. Army training center,
Fort Knox, Ky.
New University Extension home econo-
mist in charge of nutrition for Walworth
County, Wisconsin is ELLEN FITZSIM-
MONS '71.
'71 was recently assigned as staff officer
with headquarters, U.S. Army Element,
Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers
Europe, in Belgium.
Newly Married
   Judith Ann Feld and Leonard Lee
 MAURER, Washington, D.C.
   Barbara Jean Fritsch and Charles J.
 STANSBERRY, Wauwatosa
   Carol Helaine Eggert and John Paul
   Maryruth COWLES and Joseph A.
 Burkart, Sheboygan
   Hope L. HOLLENBECK and Gary B.
 Wyngarden, Menasha
  Barbara Jo Tubach and James A.
STILLSON, Falls City, Neb.
  Barbara ERDMAN '68 and William N.
UNERTL, Madison
  Jane Ellen Olson and George R. AF-
FELDT JR., Arlington Heights, Ill.
  Susan Renee Bamberger and Gerald E.
CONEN, Milwaukee
  Martha LOWENSTEIN and Eric A.
Rennie, New Haven, Conn.
  Sandra Jeneane Hauser and John
Charles GAYLORD, Irondequoit, N.Y.
  Mary Lee JOHNSTON and Mark Alan
Meissner, Wauwatosa
  Joyce Marie Weibel and James Michael
KROLL, Honolulu
  Margaret Mary Jacques and Howard R.
MADARY, Hanover Park, Ill.
  Jane Rebecca SKINNER and Richard
A. HEMMINGS, Oil City, Pa.
  Lynn Constance STONE and Stuart
Gerald LANG '66, Madison
  Linda Jean VON GUNTEN and
Stephen A. Saltzburg, San Francisco
  JoAnn VOSS and Gary Wallace
  Janet E. BARTZ and Lawrence L.
PAGELS '71, South Bend
  Sharon K. BRIGGS and Robert J.
LASKA, Seattle
  Linda M. BROSE and Dennis G.
  Patricia A. Stiles and David C. GOOD,
  Rosalyn Ardee LANSKY and Peter
Blaine Berntsen, Detroit
  Kathie Lynn Trunk and James A.
  Cynthia Mary FOX and Gregory 01-
well Nelson, Madison
  Kathryn Lyn GALKO and Martin Louis
  Clarey, Milwaukee
   Irene Celia NORTON '95, Elkhorn
   Mrs. William F. Enneking (Frances
 Elenor KAYSER) '01, Menlo Park, Calif.
   Arthur C. KING '01, Chicago
   Mrs. George A. Dunlap (Blanche GER-
 MOND) '03, Springfield, Ill.
   John Daniel PURCELL '05, Chicago
   Don Ensminger MOWRY '06, Madison
  Louis Carl BECKER '07i Belen,
N. Mex.
  Earl Slayton BARKER '08, Chippewa
  Mrs. Walther Albert Buchen (Margaret
Louise HEAD) '11, Winnetka
  Franklin Richard NUZUM, M.D. '11
Santa Barbara
  Mrs. Carl Pick  (Mabelle C. BRE.
DETTE) '11, Wilmette, Ill. in Woodside,
  Mrs. Thomas Myrick Reynolds (Dorris
L. TYLER) '11, La Crosse
  Mrs. Thomas F. Ryan (Mary Ellen
MURPHY) '11, Hibbing, Minn.
  Mrs. George A. Steckart (Leone ROF.
FERS) '11, DePere
  David Mack WARREN '11, Warren-
ton, Va.
  Harry John WIEDENBECK '12, Down-
ers Grove, Ill.
  Mrs. J. Leslie Sensenbrenner (Ina Ger-
trude LA COMBE) '13, Neenah
  Stewart Curtis CHANDLER '15, Car-
bondale, Ill.
  Mrs. Reynale Richardson Crosby (Flor-
ence May JARVIS) '15, Madison
  Mrs. Martin Fawcett (Carol Rogers
HILL) '16, Ventura, Calif.
  John William GROSSKOPF '16,
  Arthur Adolph HITT '16, Alma, Wis.
  Charles Arthur JACKSON '16, Winter
Park, Fla.
  Mrs. Henry Stevens (Elsie Estelle DOR-
WARD) '16, Washington, D.C.
  Mrs. Charles F. Washburn (Etta Ida
RADKE) '16, Santa Barbara
  Dorothy Genevieve Gaines GARDNER
'17, Platteville
  Mrs. James E. McCann (Helen Eliza-
beth ECKERT) '17, San Antonio
  Mrs. Daniel C. Quinn (Marion A.
FOX) '18, Cornell, Wis.
  Dillman Samuel BULLOCK '20, Angol,
  Mrs. Charles McCaslin (Mabel L. HED-
DERICH) '20, Mesa, Ariz.
  Sadie Agatha McNULTY '20, Madison
  Archie H. GOULD '21, Wauwatosa
  Dorothy June HOOPER '21, Long
Beach, Calif.
  Russell Howard MILLER, M.D. '21,
  Mrs. Lawrence Edson Blair (Vinnie
Frances SANBORN) '21, Madison
  Horace Kleffler DEAN '21, Port Wash-
ington, N.Y.
  Joseph Henry LUGG '21, Madison
  Thomas Newton BOBB '22, Ashland
  Rudolph Jacob HEINS '22, Green Bay
  Walter J. KLOSSNER '22, Madison
  Robert Paul MacDONALD '23, Los An*

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