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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 72, Number 7 (May 1971)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 2

Page 2

Arlie M. Mucks, Jr.
Executive Director
T'm writing this on the morning after Alumni Weekend in this, the 1 l0th
  year of your Alumni Association. Now, sports writers, I'm told, have
a difficult profession, constantly in search as they are of fresh ways to
write about exciting events and new records. Well, move over, boys, because
this morning my writing assignment is no easier than yours.
     The problem facing me is how to talk about Alumni Weekend
without being terribly corny, without sounding like a pitchman.
But we've got to get to press, so I've got to take my chances. Maybe it
sounds like puffery, but I'll have to say that this was the biggest, the
the most enthusiastic gang of alumni and guests we've ever had for such an
occasion. Ten classes came back, and there wasn't a gripe to the
carload: things have changed, but they understand that things are
supposed to change.
     Each class had its individual gatherings for lunch, cocktails or dinner;
most took special bus rides and tours of a campus that has grown
tremendously from what it was even a decade ago. And each class
reported they'd had the time of their lives!
     What about that "most enthusiastic" label? Well, you should
have been here for the standing ovations. You should have heard the
Half-Century Club-the Class of 1921-when their gift chairman
announced that their gift goal of $50,000 had been somewhat
oversubscribed: they raised more than $150,000! You should have been
with us at the Annual Dinner in Great Hall, when more than 500
applauded our Association's president-elect, Bob "Red" Wilson '51
from vast experience, he talked about the importance of teamwork,
pointing out how the spirit is back, thanks to the
University's "team" of President Weaver, Chancellor Young, Elroy
and 30,000 members of the Alumni Association.
     You're the real team, of course. We have a brand of leadership now
that is second to none in the country, but the leaders can't do it alone.
You're the ones who do the job. You're the ones, as President Weaver
pointed out, who supported your University in the recent unhappy years when
it would have been easier to pull away, as many did. You're the ones, for
example, who not only stayed with your Alumni Association, but who
have subscribed to Life Memberships to a degree that we have more of you
with us than has any other alumni group of any other school anywhere.
You're the ones who have let our legislators know that as alumni you want
our University to continue, to be the best. You're the ones who have
supported our faculty and regents when they established disciplinary rules
to keep the University open against the disruptors who would close it.
You're the ones who let us know how you feel; who give us the devil when
you're so inclined but who are equally generous with your praise. You're
ones who, in a very real sense, have made the union of University, its
administrators and its alumni a familial entity, of support, constructive
criticism and-always-love and acceptance.
     It's because of all this teamwork, this great family feeling, that any
Alumni Weekend is a real reunion of people who are even more enthused
at the close of a visit than they were when they came. It's the reason
that President Weaver was able to describe us and our University in the
words of a news report on the men who scaled Mt. Everest: "When
last seen they were still climbing."

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