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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

Deaths,   p. 30

Page 30

  Lewis Eugene MOORE '00, Miami
  Howard Louis DESSERT '04, Mo-
  sinee, Wis.
  Jesse Lawrence RODABAUGH '09,
  Lorenzo J. DAVILA '10, San Juan,
  Mrs. F. R. Berry (Ruby B. CHAP-
  PELL) '11, Durham, N. C.
  Carl John LUEDERS '11, Marble-
  head, Mass.
  Mrs. Grace H. Tillotson (Grace C.
  HELMER) .'11, Des Moines, Wash.
  Mrs. George Harold Eckhart (Ella
  Haden BOOTT) '12, Wickenburg, Ariz.
  Mae Ellen FOLEY '12, Seattle
  Edwin C. POMMERENING '13, Mil-
  waukee, in Oshkosh
  Sidney BACHARACH '14, New York
  City, in Stamford, Conn.
  William Venuste DARGAN '15, Co-
  lumbus, Wis.
  Nettie Elizabeth KARCHER '15, Bur-
  lington, Wis.
  Marvin Marx LOWENTHAL '15, New
  York City
  Ella McCullock MURPHY '17, Boston
  Mrs. Charles Brazer Norris (Elizabeth
  C. MAC GREGOR) '17, Madison
  Russell Evarts SMITH '17, Greenport,
,N. Y.
  Mrs. Matthew Joseph Casey (Magdalen
CRONIN) '18, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.
  Mabel Grace FERNALD   '19, Nor-
walk, Ohio
  James Jefferson HUNTER '19, Port-
land, Ore.
  Frank Blackburne LUCAS '19, New-
ark, N. Y.
  David Weston MOORE '20, Milwau-
  George C. BARLAND '22, Eau Claire,
  William F. BLOECHER '22, Bakers-
field, Calif.
  Spencer Fred GRAVES '22, Waukegan
  Leo Joseph FEDERER '23, Waukesha
  Mariam Sarah MORSE '23, Athens,
  Douglas Nelson GIBSON, M.D. '24,
Des Moines
  Cora Alice WHYBREW '24, Crandon,
  Frank Newton MASON, M.D. '25,
  Cecilia SHETZER '27, Detroit
  Elmer Arthur ANSORGE '28, Tucson
  Mrs. Hilton Edward Hanna (Lillian
Elizabeth McKINNEY) '29, Madison
  Lucille Charlotte LYNCH '29, Madi-
  Mae Kathryn BARRON '30, Camp
Douglas, Wis.
  Mrs. Stephen Barr Miller (Arminta V.
HARTWIG) '30, Plymouth, Mich.
  Carlos Alden PALMER '30, Janesville
  Mrs. C. H. Dobbs (Frances Ellen TER-
RELL) '31, Indianapolis
  Ray Orla HARB '32, Park Ridge, Ill.
  Mrs. Max Joseph Niese (Katherine
Louise MEINZER) '32, Albuquerque
  Mrs. Norris J. Armstrong (Bessie Irene
SCHLAFER) '35, Pittsford, Mich.
  Theodore Walter DASLER, M.D. '35,
  Ralph Harold VOGEL '36, Madison
  Martin Frank KRAUSE '40, Elkhorn
  Dorothy Dean ELY '41, St. Charles,
  Arthur Norman MELHUSE '41,
Stoughton, in Long Beach, Calif.
  Florence June REICHART '44, Madi-
  John Thomas POLASHEK '49, Bosco-
bel, in Madison
  Clarence Joseph WIPFLI, Jr. '49,
  Conrad Samuel LAHR, Jr. '50, Hono-
  Ernest August BAUER '51, Grosse
Pointe, Mich.
  Jacob Joseph TEPLINSKY, M.D.
'51, Milwaukee, in Chicago
  Everett Clarence GORSEGNER '59,
Loyal, Wis.
  George Emerson RILEY '59, Atlanta
  Judson Van Ness HINCKLEY '65,
Fair Lawn, N. J., in Madison
  Mrs. Lewis W. Jones (Queen Esther
SHOOTES) '65, Tuskegee, Ala. *
and a location unmatched for convenience. Nowhere on campus is tood served
as at
LANGDON HALL living is properly supervised, of course, as befitting our reputation.
Reservations should be made well in advance, since we accept only 188 young
                       Pay us a visit, or write for full information.
jangdon4 jjall
Madison, Wisconsin 53703
633 Langdon St.
LANGDON HALL continues its reputation as
the finest dorm for women on campus-the big,
comfortable building, the generous lounge,
the single rooms, our handsome dining room
Wisconsin A, lumnus

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