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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 7 (May 1969)

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Student Discipline
  . . . Our mentors seem to have for-
gotten our Bill of Rights; has it been
so long since they were students, or is
democracy being forgotten intentionally?
I hear-faint echoes of our seemingly-dis-
.k' L'  4 . 5   ,               .,
guilty, due process-but they are faint
echoes indeed.
  And now the Regents want to finger-
print all students, and formalize their
exclusive right to act as judge, jury and
prosecution regardless of civil law.
The principle of separation of powers
has also been forgotten, and the educa-
tional institution of higher learning be-
comes an extension of the political
affiliations of current governors and leg-
islators. Throughout all of our "winnow-
ing and sifting" we have at last found
the truth-might makes right, and state
officials, not academic principles, shall
rule the university. Now a legislator can
pass laws of judiciary nature which con-
veniently eliminate justice if the "crime"
be committed on the campus of our
  Those of you who view Hayakawa the
instant educator in awe and see in him
the answer-this man who hands out
blue armbands and chooses force as his
most trusted ally-marvel at his resem-
blance to Hitler as a saviour with
answers to all problems and respect for
no one. What exactly is the motivation
behind limiting out-of-state enrollment?
It is known and has been stated by both
Regents and university officials that the
University of Wisconsin is not turning
away qualified Wisconsin students and
that there is no indication that this would
occur within the near future. In the event
that such a threat should arise, the
responsibility for determining enrollment
recommendations lies with the Coordi-
nating Council for Higher Education, not
legislators . . . not Regents. Are the
legislators and Regents searching for a
scapegoat? How convenient to heap the
blame upon the New Yorkers, the Jews,
the Blacks. . . And how familiar the
"final solution." Not only Wisconsin is
involved here; will we solve campus
problems by barricading the campus,
Wisconsin's problems by barricading Wis-
consin, America's problems by barricad-
ing ourselves against the supposed enemy
-the rest of the world? The problem
lies within, and barricades have never
been a solution ...
                 Erhard Voeltz '67
                 Los Angeles
May, 1969
Volume 70
May, 1969
Number 7
4 1-W's Peace Corp Votunt-rs
10 Sensitivity Sessions
12 University News
13 Summer Seminars-Here and Abroad
16 Founders Days Album
                     OFFICERS 1968-69
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Donald C. Slichter '22, 611 East
Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
PRESIDENT: Raymond E. Rowland '25, 7701 Forsyth Boulevard,
Suite 1250, St. Louis, Missouri
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Truman Torgerson '39, Lake to Lake
Dairy, 2000 S. 10th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Robert Draper '37, Sunbeam Corpora-
tion, 5400 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago 60650
SECRETARY: Mrs. Betty Geisler '37, 2929 Colgate Road, Madison,
TREASURER: Harold Scales '49, Anchor Savings and Loan, 25
West Main, Madison, Wisconsin
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. '43
Edward H. Gibson '23
Wayne L. Kuckkahn '61
Thomas H. Murphy '49
Mrs. Harriett Moyer
Gary D. Meyer '63
Mrs. Gayle Langer '59
Mrs. Elma Haas
Mrs. Jennette Poulik
Owen L. Bartram
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS is published ten times a year: Monthly
in October, November, February, March, April, May, June and July; and
bimonthly in December-January and August-September. Second-class postage
paid at Monroe, Wis., under the act of March 3, 1879. Subscription price
(included in membership dues of the Wisconsin Alumni Association) is $10.00
a year. Editorial and business offices at 650 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis.
               Executive Director
      Director of Alumni Relations
         Club Promotion Director
                  Assistant Editor
      Alumni Records Coordinator
            Asst. to the Director
Alumnae and Reunion Coordinator
         Membership Coordinator
             Services Coordinator
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