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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 3 (Dec. 1968)

Mucks, Arlie M., Jr.
On Wisconsin,   p. 2

Page 2

Arlie M. Mucks, Jr./ Executive Director
  On the back of this December Wisconsin Alumnus
is an announcement which is important to you and
to the Wisconsin Alumni Association. In November,
your Board of Directors took action which means a
great deal to the future of our organization. It ex-
tended our present Life Membership rates-beyond
the planned cutoff date of January 1-to next Sep-
tember 1.
  We invite your participation in Life Membership
if you are not already a member. Our bargain Life
rates will remain, at the $100 and $125 level through
August 31, 1969, then they go up to $150 and $175.
  Our Life Membership program has been a phe-
nomenal success: during this past year you alumni
have taken out nearly $170,000 worth. What does
this mean? It means that not only does the individual
alumnus make an investment of vital importance to
the Association dedicated to a great University, but
that he has made a wise investment in his own finan-
cial future.
  When the annual dues were raised from $5 to $10
this past year, our Board of Directors kept Life
Membership rates at $100 (single) and $125 (joint)
so members could take advantage of this savings.
During the past twelve months over 2,100 alumni
have joined our Life Membership program.
   The money each of you invests in the Life fund
is invested again-this time by a committee of
alumni, to give financial stability to our organization.
Each year an amount is put back into the opera-
tional budget to give service to our members.
  You save $50 by taking out that Life Member-
ship in the next few months. Further, you can
spread the payments out-as you'll see by reading
the ad.
   However, as an additional bonus, new Life Mem-
bers who join with a single payment will receive
a special gift package-a portfolio and matching
flight bag! They're Badger red-and-white, printed
with the UW seal and the words "Life Member",
and they are terrific! We have had them fashioned
out of naugahyde so they'll last and make fine,
memorable gifts.
   It has been a tremendous year for your Associa-
tion, and our staff takes this opportunity to thank
you for your support. We are the third largest alumni
association in the nation, and our current Life
Membership effort is the most successful of any in
the nation. During 1969 a strong, effective and vocal
alumni association will be needed more than ever by
your University.
   Finally, a very Happy New Year and all the best
in 1969, from all of us at your Alumni House on the
shores of Lake Mendota.
Wisconsin Alumnus

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