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Murphy, Thomas H. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Vol. 70, Number 2 (Nov. 1968)

Letters,   p. 3

Page 3

  I very much enjoyed the article on the
two Rightwing student groups (October
Wisconsin, Alumnus)
  I have been an admirer and supporter
of YAF almost from its beginning, but I
had never heard of CDIR, and found the
article most interesting.
  I attended the U in the mid-thirties and
went out on every "Peace Strike", but all
we did was get out of one class period
and stand around. However, I do remem-
ber watching a parade (ROTC?) and yell-
ing "Down with capitalist wars!" I hardly
think we students would think of that on
our own!
                   -Elizabeth -Zuftt '-36
                   Evansville, Indiana
  You are spoiling the image of my uni-
versity, not the spring demonstrators.
Please watch how you talk lest Wisconsin
end up with one of those neat, non-
controversial, non-academic reputations so
many of the states can boast for their
universities. As a Wisconsin editor, at an
institution built on progressive change,
you should show more sense of fair
  Because the Alumnus is consistently
biased in its reporting, forever waving an
out-of-mode flag and shows such distaste
for actions I would condone for the over-
all betterment of the university, I do not
wish to contribute further. Another year,
            Jane Doherty MacNeil '62
            London, England
       I was pleased to read in the Oc-
tnher icene cAf the nsrtinn nf the rerents
in attempting to minimize classroom dis-
turbances by non-enrolled students. The
unfavorable reports which have been issued
by the national press about the University
and   its long-haired, unwashed rabble-
rousers has been most disturbing to me.
It is increasingly difficult for an alumnus
to place this element in its proper minor
perspective among critics of the University
which I encounter, when it seems that its
conduct is condoned, or at least ignored,
by administration. . . . I am hopeful that
when my son, aged 10, is ready to be
a "Mighty Badger", students will be adult
enough to realize that their function at
the University is the pursuit of knowledge,
not headlines.
        Mrs. Ronald W. Furze (Shirley
          Audenby '51)
        Rockford, Illinois
  The article-interview (Aug.-Sept.) with
Dr. Halleck was excellent!
      Joel M. Carp, CSW, ACSW
      Director of Social Work Services
      YM&YWHA of Mid-Westchester
      Eastchester, N.Y.
November, 1968
Wisconsin Alumnus
Volume 70
November, 1968
Number 2
4 Interview With the Chancellor
8 What About Student Morals?
10 UW's Nobel Prize Winner
12 The Board of Regents
17 People & Projects
24 Behind the Nobel Prize
31 In Memorium: Oscar Rennebohm
Cover: Discussion at Lutheran Student Center. Photo by George
                     OFFICERS 1968-69
CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD: Donald C. Slichter '22, 611 East
Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
PRESIDENT: Raymond E. Rowland '25, 7701 Forsyth Boulevard,
Suite 1250, St. Louis, Missouri
FIRST VICE PRESIDENT: Truman Torgerson '39, Lake to Lake
Dairy, 2000 S. 10th Street, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
SECOND VICE PRESIDENT: Robert Draper '37, Sunbeam Corpora-
tion, 5400 W. Roosevelt Rd., Chicago 60650
SECRETARY: Mrs. Betty Geisler '37, 2929 Colgate Road, Madison,
TREASURER: Harold Scales '49, Anchor Savings and Loan, 25
1AI. . A . :- A I--_J:.  - I A/: . . .'-
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. '43
Edward H. Gibson '23
Wayne L. Kuckkahn '61
Thomas H. Murphy "49
Mrs. Harriett Moyer
Gary D. Meyer '63
Mrs. Gayle Langer '59
Mrs. Helen Slauson
Mrs. Elma Haas
Mrs. Jennette Poulik
Owen L. Bartram
                Executive Director
      Director of Alumni Relations
         Club Promotion Director
                  Assistant Editor
      Alumni Records Coordinator
            Asst. to the Director
                Club Coordinator
Alumnae and Reunion Coordinator
         Membership. Coordinator
             Services Coordinator
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS is published ten times a year: Monthly in Octo-
ber, November, December, January, February, March, April, May; and bi-
monthly in June-July and August-September. Second-class postage paid at
Monroe, Wis., under the act ot March 3, 1879. Subscription price (included
in membership dues of the W.sconsin Alumni Association) is $10.00 a year.
Editorial and business offices at 650 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis. 53706.
I Cn"     --1 ý

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