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Hove, Arthur O. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 69, Number 4 (Jan. 1968)

Alumni news,   pp. 26-29

Page 26

the world today. Also discussed is
Napoleon's influence in the fields of
military strategy, government admin-
istration, law, economics, education,
propaganda, and diplomacy.
   Three Carpetbag Governors by
Richard N. Current '40 (Louisiana
State University Press: Baton Rouge
-$3.75) examines the careers of
three governors-Harrison Reed of
Florida (1868-1872); Henry Clay
Warmoth of Louisiana (1868-1872);
and Adelbert Ames of Mississippi
(1872-1876)-and points out that
some serious historical reconsidera-
tion should be given to the traditional
image of the carpetbaggers who have
been characteristically thought of as
"unscrupulous Northern  exploiters
who played upon race hatred and
used federal force to set themselves
up as virtual dictators."
   Three novels by Wisconsin alum-
nae include: Haunted Summer by
Hope Dahle Jordan '27 (Lothrop,
Lee & Shepard Co., Inc.: New York
-$3.50), a tale of suspense for teen-
age readers; Miss Marvel by the late
Pulitzer Prize winner Esther Forbes
'18 (Popular Library: New York-
600), a novel about the loss of
innocence; and Harry Martin's Wife
by Elizabeth Corbett '10 (Meredith
Press: New York-$4.95), set in
Greenwich Village in the 1930s and
continuing the story of Alice and
Harry Martin which was part of Miss
Corbett's previous novels, The Cross-
roads and The Heart of the Village.
   For the hobbyist there are two
   Pageant of the Gun by Harold L.
Peterson '47 (Doubleday & Co., Inc.:
Garden City, N. Y.-$5.95) is an
entertaining and informative history
of firearms that vividly conveys all
the humor, excitement, and drama
of ten centuries of arms develop-
ment. Written by a noted authority
on antique firearms, the book is
rich in gun lore and historical anec-
dotes and serves as a fascinating in-
troduction to the world of guns and
gun collecting.
   The Night Before Cookbook by
Paul Rubinstein and Leslie Rubin-
stein '59 (The Macmillan Co.: New
York-$5.95). The secret of the Ru-
binstein approach to cooking in this
book is that most of the time-
consuming chores involved in the
preparation of a special meal are
done the night before. Each of the
specialties appearing in the 200 rec-
ipes included in this book requires no
more than 60 minutes' preparation
before serving. The recipes run the
whole culinary gamut, from an avo-
cado appetizer to zabaglione for
   Several books in the list are for
special interests:
   To Enjoy Marriage by W. W.
Bauer, M.D. '15 and Florence Mar-
vyne Bauer (Doubleday & Co., Inc.:
New York-$4.50) offers straight-
forward counsel for all young cou-
ples contemplating or starting in mar-
ried life.
  Evolution and Human Behavior
by Alexander Alland, Jr. '54 (Natural
History Press: Garden City, N. Y.-
$1.45) presents an original view of
the human process and prepares the
student of anthropology with a con-
cise introductory background in Dar-
winian  evolutionary theory, Men-
delian genetics, and the biochemical
structure of hereditary materials, es-
pecially DNA.
   Brazilian Planning: Development
Politics and Administration by Rob-
ert T. Daland '47 (University of
North Carolina Press: Chapel Hill
-$6.00) contributes significantly to
our understanding of the complex
Brazilian political system during the-
period from 1945 to 1965. At the
same time, it stands as a case study
in the nature and effectiveness of
national planning in a developing
   Research in Labor Problems in the
United States by Milton Derber '37
($2.45) is part of the Random
House Studies in Labor series. Prof.
Derber is a distinguished specialist
in industrial relations and a professor
of labor and industrial relations at
the University of Illinois.
   The Private Language Problem: A
Philosophical Dialogue by John Turk
Saunders and Donald F. Henze '50
(Random House: New York-
$2.25) resulted from a discussion of
Wittgenstein's Philosophical Investi-
gations and is a searching investiga-
tion into the existence of private
Alumni News
  Hugo J. Wichmann '05 and his wife,
Patty, have relocated in Nalcrest, Florida.
Their new address is Apt. 65-E, P.O. Box
  Paul T. Rothwell '17, chairman of the
board of Bay State Milling Company,
writes that his firm is consolidating its
sales, administrative and corporate offices
at 4700 Prudential Center, Boston, Mass.
  Dean Arthur H. Uhl '21 of the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy
has announced that he will retire at the
end of the current academic year.
  Herbert A. Bunde '25 plans to retire as
Seventh District Circuit Judge, Wisconsin,
at the end of his term in January, 1969.
  Edwin C. Buxbaum '25, who retired in
1961 from the Du Pont Company after 36
years of service, received a Ph.D. in an-
thropology this year from the University
of Pennsylvania. He is now assistant pro-
fessor of anthropology at the University
of Delaware.
  Mrs. Charles Boxer (Emily Hahn '26),
the noted writer, was featured in a recent
story in the Chicago Daily News.
  Charles M. Perlman '26 retired recently
from the Wisconsin State Division of
Highways after 35 years of service.
  Earl Morse '27 was recently elected
chairman of the board of trustees of the
Union of American Hebrew Congrega-
tions in New York City.
  Alfred Willoughby '27 was recently re-
appointed executive director of the Na-
tional Municipal League and editor of the
National Civic Review.
  Dr. I. H. Schultz '28, of Mazomanie,
Wis., has left for Vietnam where he will
spend two months working in a civilian
  Eugene J. Zander '28, a member of the
Maryland House of Delegates, recently
retired as operations officer of the Human
Resources Research Office of The George
Washington University.
  Donald Perkins '32 is executive vice
president-sales of Cowles Communications.
  Roy E. Dulak '33 was recently presented
the TSWA Award for 1967 by the Texas
Social Welfare Association for his work
as "the outstanding professional in the
  Wilbur J. Cohen '34, Under Secretary
for Health, Education and Welfare, was
recently named winner of the 1967 Rocke-
fellor Public Service Award by Princeton
University in the field of "The General
  Navy Captain Calvin T. Doudna '35
was recently decorated with a gold star in
lieu of his second Legion of Merit for his
                 Wisconsin Alumnus

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