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Hove, Arthur O. (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 69, Number 4 (Jan. 1968)

Badger bookshelf,   pp. 25-26

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in operation, are the Wisconsin-
Monterrey, Mexico, exchange pro-
gram inaugurated in 1961 under a
Carnegie Corporation grant, and the
Wisconsin-Singapore Polytechnic
technical education program under a
Ford Foundation grant.
   Under the USAID-UW engineer-
ing education-research project in In-
dia, the University of Wisconsin
established an inter-university coop-
erative relationship with the engi-
neering and technical colleges and
institutes of India to aid in the
improvement, strengthening, and ex-
pansion of the technical educational
capacities of-the Indian schools_ .. -
   The University provided the engi-
neering and technical experts from
America to teach and work with
Indian educators and researchers in
electrical engineering, mechanical en-
gineering, construction materials,
town and regional planning, architec-
ture, hydraulics, fluid mechanics, ap-
plied elasticity, chemical engineering,
mineral chemistry, irrigation engi-
neering, and power engineering.
   During the period 1953 to 1959
seven engineering colleges were as-
sisted by the 34 University of Wis-
consin *team members. During the
contract period 1959 to 1966 efforts
were concentrated on Bengal Engi-
neering College, Howrah and the
University of Roorkee to help them
become centers for the training of
engineering college te-ac h 1,_,a -
tion, the U.W. College of Engineering
assisted development of a program
of Summer Institutes for advanced
training of engineering college teach-
ers. Four regional summer schools
were conducted in 1964, eight in
1965, engaging 16 U. S. faculty mem-
bers, and twelve in 1966, with 23
U. S. faculty members taking part.
  In addition to Bengal Engineering
College and the University of Roor-
kee, Wisconsin has been associated
with Jadavpur University, Calcutta;
the Indian School of Mines, Dhan-
bad; Bihar Institute of Technology,
Sindri; Birla Institute of Technolol&,;
Ranchi; the Indian Institute of Sci-
ence, Bangalore; the Colleges of
Engineering at Poona and Guindy;
the Indian Institute of Technology,
New Delhi; P.S.G. College, Coimba-
tore; Central Electronics Research
Institute, Pilani; the Birla College of
January, 1968
Engineering (now B.I.T.) Pilani; and
the Punjab     Engineering College,
   Curricula leading to the master of
 science degree in engineering were
 instituted in several branches of me-
 chanical and electrical engineering
 and in public health engineering at
 the University of Roorkee.
   "Establishment of new, or im-
 provement of existing laboratories to
 support the new curricula proceeded
 under the supervision of the team of
 American professors carrying out the
 contract," Prof. Barry said in his re-
 port. "Better coordination between
lectureand Jaboratory experinena-
tion was established. Improved teach-
ing methods, examinations, and
audio-visual techniques in instruction
were introduced by the local staff
with the assistance and encourage-
ment of the team members.
   "An improved sanitary engineering
 laboratory was developed at Bengal
 Engineering College by a contract-
 trained participant supervised by the
 visting staff, and a soils information
 center for the State of West Bengal
 was founded on the same campus by
 another participant with the advice
 and counsel of one of the visting
   Twenty-nine engineering faculty
 members from 18 colleges and uni-
 versities throughout the nation, in-
 cluding nine from the UW's Madison
 and. Milwaukee ca.mpuse, pvU ┬ąded-
 21.9 man years of education-research
 service from 1959 to 1967.
Badger Bookshelf
QEVERAL Wisconsin alumni au-
thors were busy in 1967, produc-
ing a number of books on a wide
variety of subjects.
  Three authors published historical
studies including:
   The Spiegel Affair by David
Schoenbaum '55 (Doubleday & Co.,
Inc.: New York-$4.95), an histori-
cal account of a 1962 crisis within
the Federal German Republic that
arose over a controversy involving
West Germany's most influential news
magazine, Der Spiegel. The book
presents the story of an affair that is,
   Besides Wisconsin, other colleges
 and universities which provided engi-
 neering educators and researchers for
 work at the Indian schools included
 Michigan, Minnesota, Illinois, Wich-
 ita, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Johns
 Hopkins, Arizona State, Texas, Penn
 State, Purdue, Washington Univer-
 sity, St. Louis; University of Wash-
 ington, Seattle; San Jose State Col-
 lege, Swarthmore College, and
 Georgia Institute of Techrology.
   UW engineering professors who
worked at the Indian schools were
Profs. R. R. Benedict, Norman
Braton, William J. Feiereisen, the late
Charcs~A. -Gilpin, Roy- ALindberg,
Edward P. Mikol, the late Gerald
Pickett, Charles Salmon, George Sell,
James G. Van Vleet, and Warren C.
   A total of 127 students, teachers,
and researchers in engineering and
technology have been given special-
ized and advanced training in the
United States under the program in
engineering education and research
during the period from 1959 to 1967.
A total of 33 were involved between
1953 and 1959. They were trained
in engineering education methods and
research in the various engineering
fields, most of them here on the,
Madison campus of the University of
   The project was directed by the
late emeritus Dean of Engineering,
M. 0. WILI',y L- M17.J V 1VV
    M-Ol-W lthy---frm A-953toA1960.-
Professor Barry guided the project
from 1960 to completion.
in many ways, a microcosm of the
politics and pressures of postwar
   The Napoleonic Revolution by
Robert B. Holtman '35 (J. B. Lippin-
cott Co.: Philadelphia, Pa.-$4.50)
emphasizes the role of Napoleon as a
revolutionary innovator whose influ-
ence touched nearly every aspect of
European political and social life and
has extended to our own times. Prof.
Holtman claims that Napoleon pre-
pared the way for a United Ger-
many and Italy and stimulated growth
of the force of nationalism current in

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