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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Necrology,   pp. 36-37

Page 36

  Dorothy Jean LAMB and William Vea
Horton, Wauwatosa.
  Rebecca Ann Thompson and Peter A.
LANGHUS, Viroqua.
  Mary Lee LARSON and Wayne C.
Wessels, Barron.
  Diane Elizabeth LASCH and Kenneth
James LaLiberte, Lake Geneva.
  Barbara Ann LEASE and Richard Allen
Harper, Madison.
  Jane Louise WANDREY '64 and Robert
Charles LECY, Green Bay.
  Shelby Jean LESCHINSKY and Bern-
hardt Alan Johnson, Monona.
  Nancy Lee Isaksen and Robert James
LIEBER, Madison.
  Barbara A. Bishop and Frederick D.
MACKIE, Madison.
  Gay   Turnquist    and   Carl   R.
Marschke, Madison.
  Mary Susan Gray and Dan Clark Mc-
NAMARA, Superior.
  Jeannie Nell JONAKAIT     '64 and
Donald M. MEIER, Sheboygan.
  Judith Marie MEITNER and Ernest G.
Fiedler, Chicago, Ill.
  Caroline Brody and Roger MICHEAUX,
  Suzanne Kay Bruegger and Richard
Collins MORRISON, Madison.
  Patricia Ann Hay and John Alden
MURLEY, Grand Haven, Mich.
  Patricia Benedetti and Richard Philip
NARF, Madison.
  Lou Ann Marie NELSESTUEN and
Donald James Severson, French Creek.
  Carolyn Frances NELSON and James
Steven Groves, Madison.
  Emily Joanne Currie and Forrest Harold
NIELSEN, Madison.
  Catherine Mercy Hirschboeck and Ro-
land Paul PALUCZAK, Whitefish Bay.
  Helen Marie PEARSON and Charles
Krueger, Wausau.
  Jacquelyn Alise PLENKE and Allen J.
Striffler, Madison.
  Dawn Darlene Dahnke and T. Earl
POULSON, Jr., Racine.
  Grace Helen RAHJES and Donald Paul
Schroeder, Lomira.
  Mary Lucille Gandt and E. Milton
RISGAARD, Madison.
  Yvonne Marie Erickson    and John
Francis RYAN, Winona, Minn.
  Mary Jane Bloechl and Thomas M.
SCHMIT, Roxbury.
  Karen Lynn SCHWEBS and Paul Wil-
liam Sorenson, Windsor.
  Mary Jill Myers and     Elroy Earl
SIEGLER, Madison.
  Jeanne Ann O'Neill and Robert H.
SKILTON, III, Madison.
  Marlene Annette SKOLAS and John R.
Oleson, Westby.
  Carol Anne STAMM and William John
Beckius, Markesan.
  KarenK Ann Rohrbeck and C. Michael
  STRALKOWSKI, Sheboygan.
  Elizabeth Aden STIEHM and Thomas
  Patrick McGrann, Madison.
  Mary Ann TAMM      and James Lee
  Everson, Beaver Dam.
  Una Mary HARMS '63 and Herman
  TOROSIAN, Dearborn, Mich.
  Joan Grace VAUGHAN and Lee A.
  Heideman, Jefferson.
  Margaret Ann   Lee and   Robert F.
  WALL, Glenwood City.
  Elizabeth Ann WARNE     and R. F.
  Diethert, Evanston, Ill.
  Barbara Ann WERTH and Dr. Ernest
  A. Pellegrino, Jr., Madison.
  Mary Ruth HERSCHER '63 and Hugh
  Langdon WEST, Grand Rapids, Mich.
  Jeanne Anne WILHELME and Richard
  Thomas Beth, Fond du Lac.
  Linda Mae WILKINS and        Roger
  Bernard Martin, Platteville.
  Lynda LeGay WILLIAMS and Vernon
  Alan Meyer, Janesville.
  JoAnn Van Omum      and Gerald  G.
  ZIMMERMAN, Moravian.
  Karen Lorraine ANDING and Albert
  Thomas Crook, Arena.
  Kaye Florence Bubolz and William
  Peter HANSON, Knoxville, Tenn.
  Sandra Ann Liebeck and Richard Robert
  HORN, Hales Comers.
  Constance HUGHES '64 and Kenneth
  Allen MONTGOMERY, Key Largo, Fla.
  Maxine Julie LIPPOLT and Judd Eric
Lundt, Madison.
  Joanne Beth Schneider and Thomas G.
MARTY, Lodi.
  Kathleen NELSON     and James D.
Markgraf, De Forest.
  Donna Mae Jones and Victor Niles
PAANANEN, Columbus.
  Diane  Thompson  and  Alan  Parker
SCHEFFER, Madison.
  Colette Moudry   and  Anthony  0.
SCHMIDT, Sycamore, Ill.
  Eden  Janet MAY   '64 and  William
Maurice SCHMITT.
  Barbara Ann Hauptmann and Douglas
Raymond SHACKELTON, Madison.
  Cynthia Hull HAMMETT and Robert
William Shirey, Madison.
  Mary Louise Smith and Reginald Dale
FANNING, Wis. Rapids.
  Sandra Jean Lapp and Roger Calvin
STUCKMANN, Milwaukee.
  Virginia Anne OLSEN '63 and Donald
  Mrs. Charles E. Giddings '90 (Augusta
LEE), Madison.
  Claude Joseph HENDRICKS '96, Wau-
  George Otto BUCHHOLZ '97, Janes-
  Oscar W. SCHOENGARTH '01, Neills-
  Solomon  S. HUEBNER    '02, Merion
Station, Pa.
  Norma M. STARK, '02, Davenport,
  Fannie Elizabeth BRAYTON '03, Alta-
dena, Calif.
  Alexander Oscar CORSTVET '03, St.
Paul, Minn.
- Grace E. MUNROE '03, Baraboo.
  John D. NOYES '04, Fort Lauderdale,
  Sydney Herbert WETZLER '04, Mil-
  Morris Evans YAGER    '04, Bavaria,
  Forbes B. CRONK '05, Wauwatosa.
-- Mrs. Warren Judson Mead '05 (Bertha
M. TAYLOR), Cambridge, Mass.
   Mrs. Orestes Alonzo Crowell '06 (Anna-
 bel McGregor HUTTON), Almond.
 Thomas Herbert DICKINSON        '06,
 Charlottesville, Va.
   Edwin Gray PENHALLEGON '06,
 Oklahoma City, Okla.
   Wyman Edgar WARREN '06, Chicago,
   Sara Evelyn NORTON '07, Poynette.
   Albert D. WHEALDON '07, Superior.
   Charles Loomis BYRON '08, Chicago,
   Laura Sophia STARK '08, Madison.
   Mrs. Louis Edward Ward '08 (Margaret
 Coral HAIR), Midland, Mich.
   Edward G. BACH '09, Waukesha.
                Wisconsin Alumnus
 I Year $24  6 Months $12
       3 Months $6
    Clip this advertisement and
 return it with your check or
 money order to:
 The Christian Science Monitor
      One Norway Street
      Boston, Mass. 02115
1 Year $24 6Months$12
       3 Months $6
    Clip this advertisement and
 return it with your check or
 money order to:
 The Christian Science Monitor
      One Norway Street
      Boston, Mass. 02115

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