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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

Newly married,   pp. 31-36

Page 31

ment of Oscar Mayer and Co., Madison,
and will be responsible for media analysis
and planning.
   Douglas S. Ritchie, who received his
 master's degree in secondary administra-
 tion from the UW in 1959, is the new
 principal of West High School in Madison.
   Eugene Steadman received his Master
 in Business Administration degree with
 high distinction from the Harvard Univer-
 sity School of Business Administration in
 June. Those graduating with high distinc-
 tion represent approximately the top three
 per cent of the graduating class of 625.
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert Glenn Devlin
 (Georgia French '61) write from Houston,
 Tex., that they cordially invite all Wiscon-
 sin alumni down that way to stop in. He
 was recently elected managing editor of
 the Houston Law Review. The Devlins
 plan to remain in Houston after his gradu-
 ation from the University of Houston Col-
 lege of Law in 1965.
   Lawrence Mac Hershfield graduated
 from the American Institute for Foreign
 Trade, Phoenix, Ariz., in May, 1964 and
 joined the Chase Manhattan Bank.
   Walter B. Smith, Jr., is writer with the
Brady Company, advertising and public
relations firm, Milwaukee.
   Leif Fritjof Gundersen and Gary Mol-
zahn were May, 1964, graduates of the
American Institute for Foreign Trade,
   Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bohm (Nancy
Kaminer '62) announce the birth of their
first child, Richard Alan, June 3 in St.
Louis, Mo.
   Gary E. Zimmerman received his mas-
ter's degree in educational psychology
from the UW in August and is now in-
structor in the department of education,
State University College, Buffalo, New
  Thomas Parr, Jr. has been appointed
supervisor of manufacturing engineering
for Deluxe Products, Holly Springs, Miss.
  Carol Adamson is an instructor in his-
tory at Carnegie Tech, Pittsburgh.
  Robert R. Pekowsky is associated with
the Madison law firm of Wheeler, Van
Sickle, Day and Goodman, and he and
his wife have two children.
  Allan Schoonover is studying for the
Lutheran ministry.
  David E. Seiler is an instructor in music
and director of the Jazz Lab Band at
Millikin University, Decatur, Ill.
  Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Placeway (Pa-
tricia Yeandle '59) are the parents of a
son born February 16, 1964, and are now
living in Columbus, Ohio, where Mr.
Placeway is working at Chemical Abstract
Service of the American Chemical Society.
  Mary McAndrews '63, Sheila Sullivan,
and Julie Ann Baltes toured Europe this
October, 1964
summer then returned to their teaching
jobs. Miss McAndrews teaches in Janes-
ville and Miss Sullivan and Miss Baltes
teach in Kenosha, where they are apart-
ment mates.
  2d. Lt. David A. McCauley is in U. S.
Air Force pilot training at Laughlin AFB,
  2d. Lt. Robert S. Goetz has received
his U. S. Air Force pilot wings and is
remaining for duty as an instructor pilot
at Reese AFB, Lubbock, Texas.
  Carol Falk has joined the editorial staff
of Fortune magazine in New York after
receiving her master's degree in journalism
from Columbia University in May.
  Jane Ellen Kieser has gone to Malaya,
Malaysia as a missionary for the Method-
ist Church to do educational work.
  Ingeman Martin Ostergaard is on the
staff of the general scientific and adminis-
trative department of the University of
California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
in Livermore, Calif.
  2d. Lt. James A. Schwefel has been re-
assigned to flying duty in a unit at Travis
AFB, Calif., after receiving his pilot's
wings in flying training at Big Spring, Tex.
  Roger Blobaum, former Associated Press
reporter in Madison and Chicago, has
  Mrs. Paulin Kuiper and George James
McCLOUD, Racine.
  Dolly Manis and Rudolph BECKER,
Fond du Lac.
  Elizabeth  Ann  McGarry and     David
SAWLE, Washington, D. C.
  Ida Belle Johnston and Arthur Roy
  Emilie Brace KIEKHOFER and John
Wallis Dickey, Little Compton, R. I.
  Carol Jane Dolbier and John Charles
JACOBSON, Onalaska.
  Carol Virginia Stephenson and Glen R.
McCULLOCH, Dunbar, W. Va
  Jeanne Frances Bonds and Kenneth
FRITZ, Denton, Texas.
  Mary Louise Gundlach and Raymond
Eugene McCOOL Madison.
joined the staff of Wisconsin Senator Gay-
lord Nelson to handle matters relating to
conservation of natural resources.
   Herbert W. Perry is a junior machine
 designer with the Delco Radion Division
 of General Motors Corp., and he is work-
 ing in Kokomo, Ind.
   Gary Ackerman is employed as a biolo-
gist for the State of Iowa, with offices in
   Owen Marshall left June 17 for Ecua-
dor with the Peace Corps.
  David L. Stockland has joined the Trane
Company's Omaha, Neb., office as a gen-
eral salesman.
  Robert K. Henderson has been com-
missioned a second lieutenant in the U. S.
Air Force and is assigned to an air train-
ing command unit at Keesler AFB, Miss.
  2d. Lt. David G. Larson is being trained
as a transportation officer with the U. S.
Air Force at Sheppard AFB, Tex.
  2d. Lt. Robert A. Ponto has been as-
signed to an Air Force logistics command
unit at Hill AFB, Utah, for duty.
  John F. Brensike entered the Johns Hop-
kins University School of Medicine in
  John P. Limbach has joined Rohm and
Haas Company, Philadelphia plastics and
chemicals manufacturer, in the firm's new
research laboratories at Spring House, Pa.
  Laurel Esther Stoneking and
Lewis SHEAR, Pittsburg, Kan.
  Nancy Ann Butler and Bruce Malcolm
SLAGG, Edgerton.
  Beverly Ann Kohler and Richard Cook
THOMAS, Milwaukee.
  Marilyn Marie Wernberg and Richard
Lawrence BUTZER, Stevens Point.
  Ann Marie Hovre and Erling A.
  Susan Zellin and Sidney PUMP, Mil-
  Donna June Hoke and Dr. Joseph
SYTY, Viola.
  Kathryn Jane Schauder and William
Hamilton CANTWELL, III, Shawano.
  Diane Natalie Achatz and Henry C.
FULLER, West Allis.
  Susan Faith Essock and Allen Herbert
GOLDSMITH, Milwaukee.
  Valerie Annette Leyo and John Richard
HANNON, Peshtigo.
  Dr. Mary Margaret HERMAN         and
Victor Joseph Burner, Madison.

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