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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 66, Number 1 (Oct. 1964)

[Contents] Wisconsin alumnus,   pp. 3-[4]

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                  OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS
                       Officers: 1964-65
  Chairman of the Board: Charles 0. Newlin '37, Vice-President, Continental
Natl. Bank & Trust Co., 231 S. La Salle St., Chicago 90
  President: Dr. Robert R. Spitzer '44, President, Murphy Products Co., Bur-
l ington
  First Vice-President: Anthony G. De Lorenzo '36, Vice-President, General
Motors Corp., Detroit, Mich.
  Second Vice-President: James S. Vaughan '38, Vice-President, Square D Co.,
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  Secretary-Kate D. Huber '17, 3419 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Apt. D, Indian-
apolis, Ind.
  Treasurer: Robert J. Wilson '51, Madison Bank & Trust Co., 23 W. Main
                       Directors at Large
  Robert A. Ackerman '51, 762 Oakridge Dr., Rochester 17, N. Y.; William
Balderston '19, 1788 Papermill Rd., Meadowbrook, Pa.. George Barland '22,
221/2 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire; Dr. Robert Barter '37, 6211 Garnett Dr.,
Chevy Chase, Md.; Homer Bendinger '33, 842 E. Lake Forest Ave., Milwaukee;
Mrs. Richard S. Brazeau '36, 720-3d St., Wisconsin         Rapids; Donald
Bruechert '51, Suite 2225, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago; Catherine Cleary
First Wis. Trust Co., Milwaukee; Mrs. Conrad A. Elvehjem '27, 656 Hilltop
Madison; Mrs. Paul Fisher '43, 659 Garfield Ave., Aurora, Ill.; William 
Lathrop, Jr. '47, 213 N. Main St., Janesville; Nathan Manis '38, Nathan Manis
Distributing Co., Fond du Lac; Wm. Allen Nathenson '33, Suite 2800, American
Nati. Bank Bldg., 33 N. La Salle St., Chicago; Martin R. Paulsen '23, 6924
N. Firenze Dr., Tucson, Ariz.; Paul L. Pohle '43, 1932 N. 49th St., Milwaukee,
George S. Robbins '40, Chamber of Commerce, Marinette; Raymond E. Rowland
'25, Pres., Ralston Purina Co., Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, Mo.; William
Sachse '50, Robert W. Baird & Co., Security Natl. Bank Bldg., Sheboygan;
Marvin Schaars '24, 340 A Agric. Hall, UW, Madison; John E. Sohrweide '39,
House of Steaks, 9499 Garland Rd., Dallas, Texas; F. Frederick Stender '49,
945 S. Monroe Ave., Green Bay; Roger C. Taylor '41, Northwestern Mutual Life
Ins. Co., N. W. Bank Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; Ralph D. Timmons '26, 995
Applegate Rd., Madison; Ralph F. Voigt '40, 202 N. Center Ave., Merrill;
John Walsh '38, 2051 Allen Blvd., Middleton.
                         Past Presidents
  John S. Lord '04, 135 S. La Salle St., Chicago 3; Earl 0. Vits '14, 635
N. 7th St., Manitowoc; Howard I. Potter '16, Marsh & McLennan, 231 S.
La Salle St., Chicago; Albert J. Goedjen '07, 350 Bryan St., Green Bay; C.
Van Pelt '18, Pres. Fred Rueping Leather Co., Fond du Lac; Philip H. Falk
3721 Council Crest, Madison 11; William D. Hoard, Jr. '21, W. D. Hoard &
Sons Co., Fort Atkinson; Joseph A. Cutler '09, Johnson Service Co., 507 E.
Michigan St., Milwaukee; Walter A. Frautschi '24, Democrat Printing Co.,
Fordem Ave., Madison 1; Stanley C. Allyn '13, Room 1016, Talbott Tower, Day-
ton 2, Ohio; John H. Sarles '23, Trans-Communicators, Inc., 920 National
Minneapolis, Minn.; Willard G. Aschenbrener '21, American Bank & Trust
Racine; Warren P. Knowles '33, Doar & Knowles, New Richmond; R. T. John-
stone '26, Marsh & McLennan, I Woodward Ave., Detroit 26, Mich.; Gordon
Walker '26, Walker Forge, Inc., 2000 17th St., Racine; Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick
'38, J. J. Fitzpatrick Lumber Co., 5001 University Ave., Madison 5; Dr. John
Keenan '30, Pres., Standard Packaging Corp., 200 E. 42nd St., New York 17;
Sam Ogle '20, Wis. Retail Merchants Assn., 615 E. Washington Ave., Madison
Martin Below '24, Kieffer-Nolde Engraving Co., 160 E. Illinois St., Chicago;
Don Anderson '25, Wis. State Journal, 115 S. Carroll St., Madison 3; Dr.
man 0. Becker '40, 104 S. Main St., Fond du Lac; Lloyd G. Larson '27, Mil-
waukee Sentinel, Milwaukee.
                    Senior Class Directors
  Class of 1962-James A. R. Nafziger, 3405 Crestwood Dr., Madison
  Class of 1963-Thomas J. Aycock, Portland Towers, 950 S. W. 21st St.,
Portland, Ore.
  Class of 1964-Charles Meissner, 843 E. Silver Spring, Milwaukee
                    Alumni Club Directors
  Beloit: William Bolgrien '57, 1725 Emerson St.; Chicago Alumnae: Mrs. Mar-
cus Hobart '19, 621 Foster St., Evanston; Chicago: Russell Hovde '50, 1110
S. Seminary, Park Ridge; Cleveland: T. Richard Martin '53, Hornblower &
Weeks, 1001 Union Commerce Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; Fox River Valley: Carl
Stracka '49, 1121 E. Moorpark Ave., Appleton; Green Bay: David H. Fountain
'48, 312 Minahan-McCormick Bldg.; Janesville: Mrs. Fred R. Holt '36, 44
Campus Lane; La Crosse: Norman Schulze '31, 508 S. 5th St.; Madison:
John L. Bruemmer '41, 121 W. Doty St.; Milwaukee: Walter S. Dryburgh, Jr.
'39, 411 E. Mason St.; New York City: Kenneth B. Wackman '35, 6 E. 45th St.;
Southern California: Emil Breitkreutz '05, 1404 Wilson Ave., San Marino;
ington, D. C.: Grace E. Bogart '29, 1330 New Hampshire Ave., N.W., Apt. 407;
Waukesha: Dr. Tim McDonell '44, 217 Wisconsin Ave.
                     Constituent Directors
  Home Economics: Mrs. Harry Waisman '38, 4625 Gregg Road, Madison; Jour-
nalism: Max F. Ninman '26, Times Press, Reedsburg; Music: Asst. Prof. Don-
ald R. Whitaker, Music Annex, 823 University Ave., Madison; Nurses: Mrs.
Doris Arnold '55, 1904 Kendall Ave., Madison; Social Work. Prof. Victor Howery
'46, 235 Extension Bldg., UW, Madison.
October, 1964
Volume 66                    October 1964                    Number 1
Wisconsin                  Alumni Association
770        LANG DO         N     STR EET,          MADISON        6
10  Union Theater's 25th Anniversary
12 A Theater for All Seasons
14  Behind the Footlights
16 A Program for the Disadvantaged
19  Hi-Fi Computer
21 More Buildings
24  The Campus Cop Comes of Age
  2   Letters
  5 Comments ON WISCONSIN
  7 About the University
27 Alumni News
31 Newly Married
36 Necrology
Photo Credits: Duane Hopp-19, 20, 22, 23, 24; Gary Schulz-
16, 17; John Gruber-21; Arthur Hove-12, 13, 18 (top);
Norma Hove-18 (bottom).
Arlie M. Mucks, Jr. '43
Edward H. Gibson '23
George H. Hibner '40
Arthur Hove '56
Mrs. Gayle Langer
                 Executive Director
   Director of Alumni Relations
Assoc. Dir. of Alumni Relations
                     Office Manager
THE WISCONSIN ALUMNUS, published ten times a year, from October through
summer. Second-class postage paid at Madison, Wis., under the act of March
3, 1879.
Subscription price (included in membership dues of the Wisconsin Alumi Association),
$5.00 a year. Editorial and business offices at 770 Langdon St., Madison
6, Wis.

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