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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

Variations on a theme,   pp. 27-[33]

Page 27

The Julian Bream Consort
Variations on a Theme
N EXT SEASON, the 44th annual
     Wisconsin Union Concert Series
will present new variations on a
theme which has been traditional
with the Series since the early twen-
ties-presenting the musical best of
now, introducing the best to come.
  Soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf,
opera star and recitalist, and violin-
ist Igor Oistrakh, second generation
to make the Oistrakh name out-
standing in the concert world, head-
line the Series with appearances on
both the Red and the White listings.
The Series is comprised of the Red
and the White Series, offering two
differing choices of artists.
  Miss Schwarzkopf, who speaksas-
articulately and intelligently on the
subject of her art as she performs
it, returns to the Union theater stage
where she was last heard six years
ago. Oistrakh, famous son of a
famous father, has become a rank-
ing artist in his own right since he
left Moscow a decade ago to play
concerts throughout Europe and
this country.
   A pair of brilliant young pianists
who symbolize their generation of
pianists open both  Series. John
Browning, youthful veteran of solo
concerts and orchestral appearances
here and abroad, and named by Life
magazine as one of the 100 young
Americans who head the "Take-Over
Generation," opens the Red Series.
Ralph Votapek, musical pride of
Milwaukee, whose winning the first
Van Cliburn International Competi-
tion at Fort Worth, Tex., last year
won the attention of the world's
press, opens the White Series.
  The Red Series presents the New
York.l, z,,..ndv Quintet 4--4  --
nation's leading chamber music at-
tractions, which has taken the sound
of American chamber music abroad
on its ANTA sponsored European
tour, and is a favorite group playing
on American college campuses.
  The Red Series also introduces
the young American tenor Walter
Carringer, whose musical assign-
ments have included premiering two
Handel oratorios, and a Lukas Foss
composition for American audiences.
   On the White Series, music of
Elizabethan and Jacobean times is
recreated by the instrumentalists of
the Julian Bream Consort, playing
treble lute, pandora, cittem, viol,
flute, and viola. Bream was first in-
troduced here on the Sunday Music
Hour, returned by popular demand
for a Concert Series date two seasons
ago, and makes his third Union the-
ater appearance this year.
  Maro and Anahid Ajemian, pian-
ist and violinist, with Walter Rosen-
berger, percussionist, bring a new
-dimension to chambe. r music, along-
with a new program perspective, as
they play Beethoven, Bartok, Schu-
bert, and Gunther Schuller.
  Students on the Wisconsin Union
Music Committee sponsor the Con-
cert Series, and all programs are
held in the Union theater. Prof.
Fannie Taylor, '39, theater director,
advises the committee.
represented the school during the 1963
Medical Education for National Defense
tour. He visited Brooke Army Medical
Center and the School of Aerospace Med-
icine at Brooks Air Force Base, San An-
tonio, and the naval air station and Marine
Corps recruit depot, San Diego.
  On March 1 the U.S. Senate approved
President Kennedy's nomination of Dr.
Roland R. RENNE '28, president of Mon-
tana State College, to be Assistant Sec-
retary of Agriculture for International
Affairs. He is responsible for the Foreign
Agricultural Service, activities of the De-
partment for International Technical As-
May, 1963
sistance, and for the co-ordination of all
other international aspects of the work of
the Department for International Techni-
cal Assistance, and for the co-ordination
of all other international aspects of the
work of the Department and its relation-
ship with other agencies of the U. S.
Government in this area.
  Mrs. Conrad ELVEHJEM (Constance
N. WALTZ '28), wife of the late presi-
dent of the University, is bell-ringer chair-
man of the 1963 state-wide fund campaign
for the Wisconsin Association for Mental
  Abner BRENNER '30 has been awarded
the Gold Medal for Exceptional Service
from the U. S. Department of Commerce
for his contributions to the development of
the technology of electroplating and its
application to industry and government.
He is chief of the electrolysis and metal
deposition section of the National Bureau
of Standards.
  Dr. Frederick J. STARE '31, professor
and chairman, Department of Nutrition,
Harvard  University School of  Public
Health, Boston, is editor of Nutrition Re-
view, scientific journal, and "Food and

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