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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 64, Number 8 (May 1963)

Alumni seminars provide summer full of challenging ideas,   pp. 23-25

Page 23

            Alumni Seminars
Provide Summer Full
   of Challenging Ideas
M{EETING      new  ideas, meeting
    new people-this is the excit-
ing way that many University of
Wisconsin alumni and other inter-
ested adults will be spending their
summer vacation.
  The Wisconsin Alumni Seminars,
now in the fifth year, will afford
these adults the opportunity for a
summertime holiday spent in learn-
ing in the vacation setting of Lowell
Hall overlooking Lake Mendota on
the Madison campus.
  Five seminars will be held, giv-
ing understanding and perspective
to old ideas while exploring the new.
The schedule provides a variety of
interesting topics.
  July 7-13-Science and     Public
  July 14-20-The Scandinavian
  July 21-27-The Artist in Contem-
    porary Society
  July 28-Aug. 3-The Struggle for
    Men's Minds
  August 4-17-The Tragic and the
    Comic in the Arts
July 7-13 Science and Public
  Scientific advances are sometimes
a mixed blessing-in addition to sol-
ving problems, they often create
their own! What are the long range
effects of nuclear testing? Are we
polluting our water supply with de-
tergents and other substances to a
dangerous extent? Is consumer pro-
tection adequate to assure safe foods
and drugs? How about natural re-
sources-are we using them wisely?
Will future generations be able to
enjoy wild life? And can the popula-
tion be permitted to increase indefi-
  These and related questions will
be explored in the first session to
understand present knowledge of
the problems, alternative solutions,
and efforts being made to protect
public welfare.
  Prof. Aaron J. Ihde, who will con-
duct the session, will be spending
his fourth summer with the Wiscon-
sin Alumni Seminar. Ihde is a pro-
fessor of chemistry, history of sci-
ence and chairman of the Inte-
grated Liberal Studies Program.
Well known for his research, lectures
and writings in the history of chem-
istry and pure food legislation, he
has taught at Butler and Harvard
universities. He is president of the
Wisconsin Academy of Sciences,
Aits, and Letters, a member of the
Wisconsin Food Standards Advisory
Committee, and chairman of the
History of Chemistry division of the
American Chemical Society.
July 14-20 The Scandinavian Idea
  Stable political and economic svs-
tems are only part of the Scandina-
vian idea. It is a philosophy also re-
flected in social and foreign policies
and in the literature and art of Den-
mark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and
  A   social conscience  combined
with the highest respect for the in-
dividual, has led the Scandinavian
people to outstanding achievement,
not only in their own countries but
in all parts of the world.
  Under the direction of Professor
Harald S. Naess, a native of Norway
and chairman of the department of
Scandinavian Studies, the seminar
will explore the "Scandinavian Idea"
and its implications for the rest of
the world. Naess, who was educated
at the University of Oslo and has
taught Norwegian literature at the
University of Durham in England,
came to the United States in 1959 as
a Fulbright scholar.
July 21-27 The Artist in
  Contemporary Society
  During this week's program par-
ticipants will visit with a craftsman,
a sculptor, a painter, and an archi-
tect, asking the artists-and them-
selves-such questions as what they
do, how they work, what becomes
of their work, and what its signifi-
cance is to the artist, the appreciator,
and society-at-large.
  Featuring such artists as Leo L.
Steppat, sculptor; Donald L. Reitz,
ceramic    artist; Alfred  Sessler,
painter and print-maker; all on the
faculties of art and art education;
and Jack W. Klund, architect of
Klund and Associates Inc., Madison,
the session is under the direction of
Professor Frederick M. Logan.
  Logan, professor of Art and Art
Education, has studied at Milwau-
kee State Teachers College, the
Chicago Art Institute, and Colum-
bia  University. Author of The
Growth of Art in American Schools
and numerous articles in professional
journals, Professor Logan joined the
UW faculty in 1946.
July 28-August 3 The Struggle
  for Men's Minds
  This seminar, under the direction
"I A %.L %a " i .t I"XP..IlOtJt  x%...  Jt L t.. Lk,1_ 2 
political scientist back for his second
year with the Alumni Seminar, will
look at the mass media, the develop-
ment of new tools for influencing or
controlling men's minds, and public
opinion and its function and role in
a democracy. Sober analysis of such
things as propaganda    technique,
censorship, news control, and fright-
ening new techniques of "brain-
washing" will provide new insights
into the subtle influences which sur-
round us.
  Professor Huitt, now a part-time
representative of the University in
Washington, D. C., has a broad
background in practical politics. He
has studied the operation of the U.S.
Congress in the office of former
Senate minority leader Lyndon B.
Johnson, worked as legislative as-
sistant for Wisconsin's Sen. William
May, 1963

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