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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 63, Number 8 (Dec. 1961)

UW Foundation engages in many fund-raising projects,   pp. 26-27

Page 26

UW Foundation Engages
in Many
F ORESAKING the deadly serious tone that so often iden-
   tifies literature sent to alumni of universities throughout
 the land, the University of Wisconsin Foundation adopted a
 humorous, greeting card format for its fall mailing to Badg-
 ers. The 41/ x 51/2 inch card unfolds and unfolds to its ulti-
 mate page size of 17 x 22 inches. The cartoons on the front
 page showing a haggard image at the bathroom mirror set
 the theme: What's Your Challenge Today?
   Howard I. Potter, chairman of the Challenge Committee
 of 1961, said, "We chose this light touch for our mailing to
 alumni to insure maximum readership and understanding.
 While the sketches and verses are humorous, the message is
 a serious one. Each of us faces many challenges each day.
 Our success in meeting these challenges is a reflection of the
 preparation we received from our education at Wisconsin.
   "President Elvehjem and others at the University face
 daily problems that we, as alumni, can help solve. Our per-
 sonal assistance is needed, but for many of us, the most
 logical support we can give is financial."
   Potter urged former students receiving the mailing to ac-
 cept the challenge put to them by the committee sponsoring
 the challenge program. He said, "Each committee member
 has agreed to ante up sufficient funds so that gifts of
 $10 or more from an alumnus who did not contribute to the
 Foundation last year will be matched by $10 from the com-
 mittee. Also the committee agrees to donate $500 for every
 2% increase in total contributions over the $250,000 alumni
 fund of 1960."
   Robert B. Rennebohm, executive director of the Founda-
 tion, said copies of the challenge were mailed to about
 125,000 former students now living all over the world. He
 predicted that the efforts of the Challenge Committee would
 stimulate many Badgers to join the annual campaign of sup-
 port for Wisconsin. "Last year," Rennebohm said, "6,294
 contributions were received from alumni. While we are
 proud of those who helped, there is obviously a great deal
 of room for improvement."
 All gifts received before the end of the calendar year-or
 postmarked before the end of December-will be included
 in the challenge program. A final report and honor roll of
 contributors will be sent to all alumni next spring.
 Fund Raising Projects
 W ITH SPECIAL APPROVAL from the Milwaukee
      Common Council, students of the University of Wis-
consin-Milwaukee staged a "Shake Your Can" day to raise
funds for their Union-Community Center expansion pro-
gram. Wearing bright red booster club hats and carrying
balloons and signs to attract attention, men and coeds sta-
tioned themselves at busy corners in shopping centers
throughout Milwaukee county. On October 20, as the UW-M
homecoming parade moved along Wisconsin Avenue in
downtown Milwaukee, other students with public address
systems and containers solicited the support of spectators.
  The student activity was a part of their effort to collect
$15,000 toward the $300,000 needed for furnishings and
equipment in the proposed expansion to the campus union.
Business, industry, and citizens in the Milwaukee area appre-
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1961

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