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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Vikings pay tribute to Tom,   pp. 44-45

Page 44

VIKINGS pay tribute to
    standing representatives of the Scan-
dinavian countries, paid a lasting tribute
to the University of Wisconsin in May
and to the man who made possible their
studies at this American university.
  The 61 were the Viking scholarship
students, past and present, who had
spent a year at Wisconsin, not only for
academic training but to learn the Amer-
ican way of life.
  Represented by the eight Vikings on
the campus this year, the young men
dedicated an ancient Swedish rune stone
to the late Thomas E. Brittingham Jr.
Translated, the runic inscription on the
stone declares: "To a good friend the
way is not long though he be far away."
  Brittingham, Madison native and
prominent UW alumnus, conceived the
Viking program in 1952 and whole-
heartedly worked to develop the project
toward greater international understand-
ing. Choice of the Vikings, made per-
sonally each year in Scandinavia by Mr.
and Mrs. Brittingham, was based on
personality and potential leadership. Ex-
ceptionally close ties existed between the
Brittinghams and   their Scandinavian
  The Viking scholarships were among
a legion of opportunities created at the
UW through young Tom and the trust
left by his father. Another notable con-
tribution to UW was the time and effort
devoted to the Wisconsin Alumni Re-
search  Foundation. As a trustee of
WARF, Tom Jr. served 31 years in de-
veloping the agency which has con-
tributed millions of dollars for UW
  The investment analyst and business
leader died suddenly last year in Dela-
ware where he had lived in recent years.
  The crowd that gathered on the Muir
Knoll overlook to witness the dedica-
tion of the stone heard Ivar Lykke, cap-
tain of the 1960-61 group of Viking
scholars, present the monument:
   "The Vikings have sent you this
stone, a copy of an old Swedish rune
stone, in memory of our benefactor and
good friend, Tom Jr. That he was also
Ivar Lykke, captain of this year's Vikings, presents a rune stone honoring
the memory
of Thomas E. Brittingham, Jr., to the University. The ceremonies, held on
Muir Knoll,
are witnessed here by Regent Carl E. Steiger and alumni and friends.
one of the best friends of this Univer-
sity makes this tribute just so much more
fitting. I therefore, on behalf of Tom's
Vikings, present this rune stone to the
University of Wisconsin as an everlast-
ing tribute to our great friend and bene-
factor and your illustrious alumnus,
Thomas E. Brittingham Jr."
  Carl E. Steiger, president of the UW
Board of Regents, said in acceptance:
   "This stone, symbol of solidity and
exploration, shall be a constant reminder
to us of you and the great men here
honored. It is in the Vikings of today
and of the past, in the Internationals,
and the young people Tom Brittingham
befriended  and  aided  that he  lives
among us. . . . This world, this nation,
this state and this university all have
been bettered by Tom and his imagina-
tive endeavors. This stone, harking from
the ages, marks here for future ages
your tribute to Tom. We accept it and
dedicate it with love and appreciation.
And we salute you Vikings as the bear-
ers of a great heritage."
  Those attending the dedication in-
cluded  members of the Brittingham
family who came to Madison especially
for the event, the scholars, UW Pres.
Conrad Elvehjem, members of the UW
Boards of Regents and Visitors, other
UW officials, officers of the Wisconsin
Alumni Research Foundation, faculty,
and friends.
  Attending as special guests of the
Vikings were the International scholars,
another group brought to UW from
     Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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