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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Twenty-three retire from Wisconsin faculty,   pp. 41-[43]

Page 41

Blotz              Bogholt
  Helene Stratman-Thomas Blotz, as-
sistant professor of music-came to the
University in 1930 as an instructor in
music. In 1946 she was named assistant
professor of music with a joint appoint-
ment in the UW College of Letters and
Science and the Extension Division.
Over the past three decades she has
taught classes in harmony, counterpoint,
music history and appreciation. In 1940
she began traveling up and down the
state, collecting folk music illustrating
the state's history. In 1960 some of this
music was issued on an LP record by the
Library of Congress, with a booklet
written by Mrs. Blotz describing the
historical background of the music.
   Carl M. Bogholt, professor of phi-
losophy-was the chief architect of the
University's current undergraduate and
graduate programs in philosophy and
has taught courses ranging from the in-
troductory to advanced seminars for stu-
dents working on doctorates in agricul-
tural economics. But his major interests
are in political and social philosophy.
He attended Massachusetts Agricultural
College (now the University of Massa-
chusetts)  at Amherst and won      his
Bachelor of Science from that institu-
tion in 1921. He taught English there
for three years and public speaking in
the Lakewood High School in Ohio for
a year before coming to Wisconsin to
study and teach philosophy in 1926. He
has been teaching at the University
every year since Wisconsin awarded him
the Ph.D. degree in 1933.
  Ray Andrews Brown, professor of
law-has been on the UW Law School
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961
faculty for 38 years. His career has in-
cluded service in U.S. government agen-
cies, honors from other educational in-
stitutions, and the national presidency
from 1937-40 of the Order of Coif,
honorary fraternity of the legal profes-
sion which initiates the upper 10 per
cent of law graduates each year into its
ranks. In 1957-58 Prof. Brown received
the Distinguished Professor Legion Lex
award while he was a visiting professor
of law at the University of Southern
California. His authoritative writings in
his special interest areas include numer-
ous articles in legal journals and three
volumes: Administration of Workmen's
Compensation in Wisconsin, Treatise on
Personal Property, and Cases on Real
Pmnh artir
   I   Ji
   Charles Bunn, professor of law-
came to Wisconsin 27 years ago as a
professor of law after more than a dec-
ade of law practice in St. Paul as law
clerk, junior partner, and full partner
in a firm which bore a Bunn name for
three generations. The author of numer-
ous articles and reviews, he has written
one  of the few    "Lawyer's Bibles,"
Jurisdiction and Practice of U.S. Courts,
the sixth edition of which was published
in 1959. In the spring of 1950, Bunn,
and others, completed the rough draft
of another monumental volume, A Uni-
form Commercial Code, which is now
in print and used extensively by stu-
dents, lawyers, courts, businesses, and to
further the studies of the American
Law Institute. Prof. Bunn is retiring
early to do research in public and com-
mercial law for the American Law Insti-
tute. He will be a lecturer in law at the
     Twenty-three Retire
from Wisconsin Faculty
University of Virginia during the 1961-
62 academic year.
  Katherine Cronin, associate profes-
sor of physical education, women-has
been engaged in a number of projects
during the last decade. Among these are
a study of problems in pre-service educa-
tion of teachers of physical education,
sponsored by the National Association
for Physical Education of College
Women; certification requirements for
the minor in physical education, ac-
cepted by the Wisconsin Commission on
Teacher Education and Professional
Standards; certification requirements in
physical education for the four-year ma-
jor in elementary education, also ac-
cepted by the Wisconsin Commission;
and certification requirements in physi-
cal education for the major. She is the
co-author of a textbook, Guiding
Rhythm Experiences.
  James G. Dickson, professor of plant
pathology-has been active in the Uni-
versity's grain breeding program. In the
field of barley quality he helped set up
the extensive malt quality testing pro-
grams for experimental barley varieties.
Dickson came to the University in 1916,
and earned his Ph.D. degree in 1920.
While doing graduate work, he was ap-
pointed agent of the U.S. Department
of Agriculture and has held that posi-
tion since. He became a professor of
plant pathology in 1926. He is the
author of numerous articles in scientific
journals, and has written three major
books-Diseases of Field Crops, Cereal
Disease Studies in Europe and Asia, and
An Outline of Diseases of Cereal and
Forage Crops in the Northern United
  Dr. Frederick D. Geist, associate
professor of anatomy-will complete the
longest period of service (41 years) of
any faculty member in the department
of anatomy since the UW Medical
School was established in 1907. About
Dickson               Geist
Brown                Bunn

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