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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

The Association supervises the Bureau of Graduate Records,   pp. 21-22

Page 21

                 The Association Supervises
        The Bureau of
Graduate Records
                Which Keeps Track of More
            Than 189,000 Wisconsin Alumni
Each day the Bureau of Graduate Records receives numerous changes which must
recorded on the appropriate basic cards in the alumni files. Here, the staff
is busy making
the necessary additions and corrections.
"T WONDER if you could give me
  i- any help on locating a student at
the U. of W. who attended in 1933. I
can give you very little information
about him, in fact, I don't even remem-
ber his name. All I know is that he
worked part time at Kroger's Grocery."
  Requests like this and thousands of
others pour in the Bureau of Graduate
Records every year. Besides trying to
track down a Kroger stock boy, the Bu-
reau also is called upon to perform such
acts as: replace the Christmas card list
of alumni who have lost the addresses
of their college pals; locate a wife and
four children who have disappeared; or
locate the wandering son of a Kentucky
mother who said that her boy had come
to the University and never returned
home or written her.
   For nearly 40 years, the Bureau of
Graduate Records has been carefully
keeping tabs on the alumni of the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin, a list which was
begun in 1852 when Levi P. Booth and
Charles T. Wakeley became the first two
graduates of the University.
  The first work on cataloguing gradu-
ates of the University was instituted in
1912 when Theodore R. Hoyer '12, an
assistant editor of the Wisconsin Alumni
Magazine began work on a card index
file to classify graduates alphabetically,
geographically, by classes, degrees, and
  Then, in 1924, the Alumni Rec-
ords Office was established by the Uni-
Porter Butts '24 were appointed re-
corder and assistant recorder, respec-
tively. The new office was charged with
keeping track of over 60,000 former stu-
dents (graduates and non-graduates),
keeping a file of all degree holders and
non-graduates who attended the Univer-
sity for at least one semester, and for
keeping folders with biographical infor-
mation on alumni. Later, John Berg-
stresser '25 held the position of re-
corder until 1930 when the Association
officially took over the supervision of
the Alumni Records Office which had
since become the Bureau of Graduate
  Mrs. Edith Knowles was given
charge of the Bureau, replacing Berg-
stresser who went to the University's
Bureau of Guidance.
  Since the Association assumed super-
vision of the Bureau, its files have
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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