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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

The big birthday party,   pp. 11-12

Page 11

The main speakers at the
tennial dinner, from
were: Mary I. Bunting,
E. Steiger, Louis P. Loc),
and Conrad A. Elvehjem
Centennial Dinner
    friends of the University thronged
Great Hall of the Memorial Union on
the evening of June 3 to celebrate the
hundredth anniversary of theĆ½ Wiscon-
sin Alumni Association. At the Centen-
nial Dinner, they heard University Presi-
The Big Birthday Party
dent Conrad A. Elvehjem recount some
of the critical problems which lie imme-
diately ahead for the University.
  President Elvehjem explained "That
the University must prepare for unprece-
dented enrollment increases and an ex-
plosive expansion in knowledge, that
such preparations are in the best inter-
ests of this state and its citizens, and
that they will require appropriations of
a magnitude beyond anything contem-
plated in the past."
  Commenting on the University budget
for the coming biennium, the president
said, ". . . it is far short of our hopes
Association President Don Ande-soiiwexptainsoome otke-
Mrs. Elvehjem as she prepares to cut the Centennial Birthday Cake.      
               a decisive step forward in the biennium
ahead, building not only our capacity
for the quantity of students we will get,
but also our capacity for quality of
  "Such a step must be taken, and re-
peated again and again, in future years,
if we are to make the fullest use of
this great institution of progress
  "Our leadership in higher education
is a heavy responsibility," Elvehjem
went on to point out. "And we intend
to move ahead, despite this fiscal set-
back, by whatever means we can. Balked
at major state-supported improvements
for a time, we pause not to blame or cry,
but thankful for what we have received,
we now try to strengthen state under-
standings of our needs for the struggle
two years hence, and, meantime, renew
our efforts to find support for progress
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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