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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Association report,   p. 3

Page 3

Association Report
    the Wisconsin Alumni Association
 met on the morning of June 3. Thirty-
 four directors were present to hear re-
 ports on the state of the Association as
 it enters its second hundred years.
   The results of the mail ballot for
 directors included in the April issue of
 the Alumnus were announced. The new
 directors elected by the alumni are:
 Robert A. Ackerman, Rochester, N. Y.;
 Mrs. Richard S. Brazeau, Wisconsin
 Rapids; John G. Jamieson, Madison;
 Lloyd Larson, Milwaukee; William G.
 Lathrop, Jr., Janesville; William A.
 Nathenson, Chicago; Charles 0. New-
 lin, Chicago; Dr. William B. Sarles,
 Madison; Mrs. John A. Schindler, Mon-
 roe; and James S. Vaughan, Cedar Rap-
 ids, Ia. The Association's officers for the
 coming year are pictured at the right.
   In other personnel actions, the Asso-
 ciation named John S. Hobbins, Madi-
 son, to the Athletic Board (replacing
 Howard Weiss, Milwaukee), and ap-
 pointed Adolph J. Ackerman, Madison,
 and Mrs. L. J. Walker, Berlin, to the
 Board of Visitors. Ackerman replaces
R ussel Teckemeyer who resigned o e-
come treasurer of the Association, and
Mrs. Walker replaces Fred Genrich,
   The report of the treasurer, Walter
 A. Frautschi, Madison, showed the Asso-
 ciation to be in a sound financial state.
 Thus far this year, expenditures are
 running well below receipts, and as an
 example of careful financial planning,
 Frautschi cited the growth of the Asso-
 ciation's investment funds over the past
 five years. In 1956 the investment funds
 had a market value of $79,399; today
 they have a value of $303,720!
   Part of the reason for the financial
 solidarity of the Association has been
 the tremendous growth of membership.
 This year the Association has its largest
 membership ever, 24,616; over 2,000
 of these are new members who joined
 during the Centennial Year, another
Wisconsin Alumni Association officers for 1961-62 at the annual board of
directors meet-
ing. Seated, from left: Dr. Norman 0. Becker, Fond du Lac, president; Lloyd
-Milwaukee, first vice president; and  harles  . Newlin, Chicago, second
vice president.
Standing: John Berge, executive director; Russell A. Teckemeyer, Madison,
and Don Anderson, Madison, chairman of
Madison, secretary.
  Reporting on the activities of the
State Relations Committee, Sam Ogle
explained some of the measures taken by
the Association during the past year to
gain support for the University budget.
These activities included: meetings with
the sub-committee of the Joint Finance
Committee to consider the University
budget; the expansion of the Associa-
tion's information  program  to  keep
alumni informed on the budget; work
with legislative chairmen, alumni club
presidents, etc.; and the publication of
brochures and newsletters on the Uni-
versity budget.
  The final item of business discussed
at the directors meeting was the Alumni
House. Walter Frautschi, chairman of
the board. Absent was Mrs. John Walsh,
the Alumni House Committee, referred
to the resolution passed by the directors
at their meeting last fall which urged
the Board of Regents to take immediate
steps toward securing the Sigma Chi
property which is to be the site of the
Alumni House. It has since been re-
ported that the University has officially
instituted condemnation proceedings. As
far as funds are concerned, a recent gift
by the Class of 1911 has brought the
total funds available to $260,175.
   In closing the meeting, the directors
 gave standing ovations to John Berge
 and Don Anderson for their contribu-
 tions of service during the Association's
 Centennial Year.
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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