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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 15 (July 1961)

Hopkins, Andrew
I am Wisconsin,   pp. 25-27

Page 25

                                                  Andrew W. Hopkins '03
                                                is an emeritus professor
                                                     agricultural journalism
 A Compendium of the People
Who Have Contributed to the
             Greatness of the
     University of Wisconsin
         by Andrew Hopkins
     I am Wisconsin
   WAS BORN July 26, 1848, the very year Wisconsin became a state.
   We-Wisconsin and its University-have grown up together shar-
ing many of each others blessings and some of each others difficulties
and discouragements. I have spent my days-now grown into many
years-among gentle hills overlooking one of the loveliest gems of
Wisconsin's inland waters-a lake famed in song and verse.
  Mine has become widely known as one of the loveliest of campuses
-its wooded hills running down to glimmering waters of Men-
dota with jutting points and delightful bays making a landscape of
unusual charm.
  aBut  am-quite-wareahatwhatevefl-greatness I ma have has come
more from dedicated men and women on my successive faculties, from
men and women of purpose among my alumni, and from among citi-
zens of the state convinced of the importance of education. These, and
not buildings of brick or stone and mortar nor a lovely campus, should
gain our warmest praise.
  Yes I am made up of many parts-dedicated teachers, scientists and
extension wouuis, iuya U111 1 al,            ,.l LL ..  .
proud of my attainments and contributions to the welfare of mankind.
  I am Levi P. Booth, my first graduate who, from his own and my
rugged pioneering people, inherited the spirit of the pioneer ever rest-
less in the search for more and better.
  I am John Muir, "man of science and letters, friend and protector
of nature, uniquely gifted to interpret unto others her mind and ways."
  I am Samuel Fellows, abounding in zeal for the growth of the spir-
itual, the kindly, and the thoughtful.
  I am John Bascom, who dared to dream of a great institution serv-
ing an earnest people and who, as my president, forthrightly faced the
hazard of standing firmly for the right.
  I am Thomas Crowder Chamberlin, who pointed the way for me to
grow from a group of separate colleges into a great research and teach-
ing University.
  I am Stephen Moulton Babcock, who unselfishly dedicated his inven-
Wisconsin Alumnus, July, 1961

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