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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 14 (June 1961)

Research: life blood of the University,   p. 13

Page 13

life blood
of the University
THERE is no questioning the fact that basic research is the life blood of
    a university. Without research, a university could not carry forward
academic programs; it could not improve its teaching. Without research, the
whole structure of the university would collapse, for it is from the well
equipped laboratories and the book-lined studies that scientists' and scholars
bring forth the discoveries and ideas which will change tomorrow.
  The University of Wisconsin has long had a distinguished reputation for
its excellence in research. Its scientists have made such discoveries as
D, a test for butterfat, means of submarine detection, an anticoagulant for
the treatment of heart disease, and methods of enzyme detection. Its scholars
have been responsible for new ideas in the fields of education, history,
welfare, public service, labor relations, and literature.
  And the scope of the research programs at the University continues to
grow. On 'the following pages, we present ,the story of a few of the important
research projects being carried out at Wisconsin which have made news dur-
ing the past year. Although scientific research dominates this special section,
we have tried to show how the humanities are playing a vital part in research
activities with a report on the Institute for Research in the Humanities,
the story of a poet who was an on-campus guest of the UW Humanistic
  It must be remembered that this is only a cursory look at the innumerable
research projects which are being carried on in every department of the Uni-
versity. There simply is not enough space to cover them all. But the impor-
tant fact is that, behind the walls of the University, the lights are burning
late at night as faculty and students continue to probe the secrets of man
and the universe.
Wisconsin Alumnus, June, 1961

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