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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 62, Number 13 (May 1961)

Alumni news,   pp. 33-36

Page 33

of art, science, Continental literature,
and English literature.
TAILING by Willard F. Mueller and
Leon Garoian ($6).
   An analysis primarily concerned with
the measurement and explanation of the
causes and effects of competitive rela-
tionships, including mergers, among
grocery retailers at the local, regional,
and national levels.
WATER PURITY A Study in Legal
Control of Natural Resources by Earl
F. Murphy ($4.75).
   A survey of various means of legal
control needed to maintain 'purity of
Before 1900
   Mrs. Grace Lincoln (Grace GARRISON
 '99), widow of the late Richland County
 judge and district attorney and Richland
 Center mayor, P. L. Lincoln, was honored
 recently at a party marking    her 90th
   Mrs. Hudson B. WERDER '04 (Henrietta
 FINDEISEN) has completed her tenth year
 as owner-manager of Shadow      Mountain
 Terrace, a lodge located at Palm Desert,
 rnlif_ Mrs Werder's lodge is only two
minutes away from the Eldorado Country
Club, vacation retreat of former President
and Mrs. Eisenhower.
  Dave 0. THOMPSON, Sr. '05, having re-
tired as agricultural consultant for Grocery
Manufacturers of America, Inc. in 1952, is
presently engaged as the senior editor of the
Indiana Farmer. He also is the author of
Fifty Years of Agricultural Extension Service
in Indiana, a book which is to be published
in the fall by Purdue University.
  Ralph E. DAVIS '06 has been named the
recipient of an honorary membership in the
American Association of Petroleum Geolo-
gists. He is also a member of the American
Institute of Mining and Metalurgy Engineers,
the Natural Gas and Petroleum Association
of Canada, the Houston Geological Society,
and  the  Engineers' Society  of Western
  Cornell University's new animal husbandry
building has been named in honor of Frank
B. MORRISON '11, late professor of animal
husbandry and animal nutrition at the State
College of Agriculture.
Wisconsin Alumnus, May, 1961
water resources. Wisconsin, one of the
earliest states to develop effective legis-
lation and administrative controls in
water purity, is used as a case study.
Doctrine and Art in Their Historical
Relation by Arthur Beatty (Paper $1.95,
Cloth $5).
   Long out of print, this revealing
study classifies Wordsworth's underly-
ing philosophical principles and their
roots in the politics, art, and literature
of his day. Mr. Beatty deals mainly
with the mature theories and poetry of
Wordsworth, but offers an extensive an-
alysis of his prose as well.
  Dr. and Mrs. John R. YOST '14 are on a
world cruise aboard the Bergensfjord flagship
of the Norwegian-American Line.
   Yu-Mei TSENG '16 is the librarian of
New Asia College Library, Hong Kong, after
having been affiliated with the Dah Sung
Cotton and Spinning and Weaving Company
for 30 years as teacher of textiles and also
as managing director for the company.
   The Class of 1917 will convene on the
University of Wisconsin campus on June 3
for its annual reunion. Plans for the event
include a luncheon at the Wisconsin Me-
morial Union-this will be followed by a
bus tour of the campus and Madison. If
you are a Seventeener, be sure to come
  Olaf A. HOUGEN '18, professor of Chemi-
cal Engineering at the University of Wiscon-
sin. has received the American Chemical So-
ciety Award in Industrial, and Engineering
Chemistry sponsored by the Esso Research
and Engineering Co.
  Roy B. ORMOND '22 who recently retired
as farm service director of Oscar Mayer and
Co., was honored for his contribution to the
livestock industry at the 49th annual meeting
of the Wisconsin Livestock Breeders' Associa-
  George M. PARKER '22, president and
a director of Esso Export Corp., has been
appointed senior representative of Standard
Oil Co. (New Jersey) in London, and Jersey
stockholder representative for its affiliate
companies in the United Kingdom, Norway,
Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
  Mrs. Proehl H. JAKLON (Mildred GER-
LOCH '22) was the subject of a recent
article in Editor & Publisher which told of
her unusual talent of creating crossword
puzzles for the Chicago Tribune, an occupa-
tion which she has practiced since 1924.
  Walter H. PORTH '23, who has been
associated with the international operations
of the A. 0. Smith Corp. since 1943, has
retired from the company. He will establish
an office in Milwaukee to conduct a consult-
ing service for international business.
  Atty. Eugene P. MEYER '24, who has
served as general counselor of the George
J. Meyer Manufacturing Co. for 15 years,
is now associated with the law offices of
Walter A. JOHN '16 of Milwaukee.
  G. William LONGENECKER '24, pro-
fessor of landscape architecture at the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin, was awarded a life
membership in the Wisconsin Park      and
Recreation Society at their annual meeting
which was held recently in Madison.
  Mrs. Elizabeth D. Herrera and Arthur T.
BENNER     '26 were married   recently in
  Lloyd R. MUELLER '26 has been elected
vice president in charge of sales and adver-
tising of the Stanley J. Brown Co., Inc., Mil-
  Hamilton BEATTY '28, vice president and
manager of sales development of the Austin
Co., has been elected to the board of trustees
of Euclid-Glenville Hospital, East Cleveland,
  Clarence AHRENS '28 has been elected
president of the Wisconsin Electric Coopera-
  J. Conrad HEGGBLOM '29 has been
transferred from Tripoli, Libya to Nigeria
where he is general manager of the Nigerian
Gulf Oil Co.
  Lyle E. SPOONER '29, president of the
Northwest Concrete Products Co., St. Cloud,
Minn., has been elected to the board of direc-
tors of the National Concrete Masonary
  James C. GALLAGHER, '31 recently
moved to Van Nuys, Calif. where he has
established a sales organization for negative
ionization air purification machines.
  Robert C. BASSETT '32 has resigned from
the Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co., where he
was vice president in charge of labor rela-
tions and community affairs.
  Dr. Hazel HAUCK '32, professor of food
and nutrition at Cornell University, recently
returned to the United States after spending
10 months in Nigeria where she introduced
corrective diets to the natives in an attempt
to overcome their number-one killer of chil-
dren, malnutrition. Dr. Hauck's trip was
sponsored by the Unitarian Service Committee
of Boston.
  Leo A. PFANKUCH '34, president of
Shur Lok Marine Corp., Anaheim, Calif., has
been elected a member of Telecomputing
Corporation's board of directors.
  Milton E. BLISS '35, who for nearly 15
years directed the daily farm program on
WHA Radio and the state network, has
been appointed information specialist of the
U.S. Soil Conservation Service for nine Mid-
western states.
  James R. KENNEDY '35 has been ap-
pointed executive vice president of finance
and administration for the Celanese Corpora-
tion of America.

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