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Hove, Arthur (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 61, Number 8 (Dec. 1959)

Blanco, Henry
A Badger in the South Seas,   pp. 18-19

Page 18

A Badger in the South Seas
                        by Henry Blanco, MA 'z6
                       a much-travelled
                    Wisconsin graduate
expounds on some of the popular
           misconceptions commonly
                          associated with
   the romantic South Sea Islands
1 8
I BELIEVE I am the only Wisconsin
   graduate in the South Sea Islands.
The Hawaiian Islands don't count be-
cause they are all North of the Equa-
tor; they are not in the South Seas.
  The  editor of the magazine has
asked me for some information about
this "most romantic place." What is it
like? Why did I come? Do I ever get
homesick for America? Here are some
  As far as natural beauty is con-
cerned Tahiti is one of the most beau-
tiful places in the world. I have done a
lot of traveling but have never seen
any place where Nature is more beau-
tiful. The climate also is practically
ideal; it never gets too hot and it is
never cold. I have felt the heat much
more in those muggy Wisconsin sum-
  After living for 20 years in Amer-
ica (I was born and raised in Spain)
I felt that I had enough of it. I had
enough of that hectic rushing, that
everlasting struggle to get ahead, to
keep at least on a level with the other
fellow. I was a teacher (for 4 years I
was instructor at Wisconsin). I was
teaching full time; I was trying to get
a Ph.D.; I was writing articles on
Spanish literature; I was drinking
coffee so as to keep awake at night so
I could work when I should have been
asleep; I was burning the, candle at
both ends like so many Americans are
Wisconsin Alumnus, December, 1959

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