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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 60, Number 10 (Feb. 1959)

Alumni all over the earth! But where?,   p. 26

Page 26

          Alumni All
Over the Earth!
        But Where ?
N BIG BLACK letters on an office
   door at the India Institute of Tech-
nology in Kharagpur, there's an inter-
esting inscription below the name of
Professor M. N. Rao:
  "Ph. D. From Wisconsin."
  University alumni the world over -are
proud of their Wisconsin affiliation, the
Wisconsin Alumni Association has dis-
covered. There are active alumni clubs
in such faraway spots as Bangkok, Ma-
nila, and Tokyo.
  Not long ago the Alumni Association
began a project designed to bring many
more "foreign alumni" into close and
frequent touch with the Badger campus.
The idea was conceived by Don An-
derson, who is the Association's second
vice president and a Madison news-
paper publisher.
   The project: an offer of free mem-
bership in the Association, which brings
with it a subscription to the Wisconsin
Alumnus magazine.
  Previously, currency exchange regu-
lations often had made it prohibitive
for residents of other countries to be-
come contributing   members of the
   "But even with free memberships,
there are problems," Association Execu-
tive Director John Berge recently pointed
out. "For one thing, we can't find the
addresses of many of our alumni in
other countries.
   "Another factor compounds the dif-
ficulty. This is the world-wide custom
of name-changing--evidently practiced
particularly in some sections of the
   "Consider Phra Chuang Kashetra of
Bangkok, Thailand. He received a -de-
gree in 1924. But in our basic file, com-
piled from registration material, his
name is-or was-Nai Chuang Lochaya.
Frequently these name changes call for
a good deal of detective work on the
part of our records staff."
  Some time ago Berge talked to mem-
bers of the International Club on cam-
pus, asking for ideas on how to secure
current addresses of "foreign alumni".
Immediately, a student from Liberia
wrote out a complete list of all former
Wisconsin students in his country.
   "I wish it were always that easy,"
Berge commented. "As it is, we rely on
tips from traveling Wisconsin faculty
members, touring alumni, reports from
foreign alumni club officers-in fact,
any source we can think of."
  As a direct result of its free member-
ship program, the Association is send-
ing its publications to hundreds of
former Badgers now living outside the
United States.
  They   range from   Jose A. Silva-
Michelena '57 of Caracas, Venezuela, to
Jack Kellermann '31, of Onderstepoort,
Transvaal, to Mr. and Mrs. Marc Som-
erhausen '22 and '24 of Brussels, Bel-
gium, to Donald S. McIntyre '57 of
Canberra, Australia.
  But all of them represent only about
one-fifth of potential foreign alumni
members. Some of the missing are in-
side Iron Curtain countries, including
Red China, and have been lost for years.
  The Alumni Association is trying to
reach them all. Can you help?
Wisconsin Alumnus, February, 1959

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