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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 6 (March 1904)

Downer, Geo. F.
Athletics,   pp. 203-206

Page 203

tion in the University of Wiscon-
sin, I hope he may see that de-
partment grow in strength and
usefulness each succeeding year."
  D. W. Smith spoke on Amica-
  Prof. Comstock outlined a few
of the plans for the jubilee cele-
bration as they have been de-
veloped, and closed with an elo-
quent invitation to the alumni of
the university from all parts of
thea-rth-to attem-d-the lAirthcday
celebration of their alma mater.
  Owing to an unavoidable de-
lay in forwarding the copy, the
athletic comment had to be omit-
ted from last month's magazine.
  Wisconsin   alumni will learn
with regret that the proposed
race between Wisconsin and Cor-
nell at Madison during the jubi-
lee week next June has been
abandoned owing to the Cornell
faculty refusing to change the
date of the examinations of the
members of the      crew, which
come during that week.     How-
ever, it is possible that an eight-
oared race may be arranged with
some other eastern college as a
feature of jubilee week. Had the
invitation been accepted, it was
planned, in    addition  to  the
varsity race, to have a race for
fours, and one between the fresh-
men   and   St. Johns' Military
Academy. The idea of inviting
Cornell to Madison for a race
jubilee week originated with Mr.
  Mr. O'Dea conceived the idea
some weeks ago and after con-
sultatioD with the Wisconsin au-
thorities wrote a personal letter
to Mr. Courtney to ascertain his
views, knowing -that the Ithaca
coach, after the faculty, would
have the largest share in settling
the matter. This letter Mr.,Court-
ney turned over to the athletic
board, which was favorably im-
pressed by the proposal.     The
chief obstacle, however, -was that
the date, June 9th, comes in Cor-
nell's examination week, and the
faculty at Ithaca could not see
tLeir way clear to putting the
oarsmen's examinations    a  few
days ahead.
  Regular crew. training began
immediately after the holidays
with about eighty freshman and
thirty 'varsity candidates.  The
old 'varsity men who are back are
Captain Jordan, Mather, McComb,
Miller, Stevenson and    Bartelt.
Ex-Captain Gaffin is also in col-
lege and eligible to row, but it is
probable that his duties as secre-
tary of the Y. M. C. A. will keep
him out of the boat. The fresh-
men, while not quite so numerous
as last year, are a better lot phys-

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