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Barton, Albert (ed.) / The Wisconsin alumni magazine
Volume 5, Number 1 (Oct. 1903)

The Law School,   pp. 10-11

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Wi8eon8in Alumni Magazine.
   On the 30th of June he was married to Miss Violet Slack of
 Madison. He is survived also by his mother and one sister,
 living at La Grange, Illinois,, and one brother, Mr. Thomas M.
 Timberlake, of Chicago.
   The following is a list of papers on botanical subjects pub-
 lished by Professor Timberlake, all of them since his coming
 to this university, alth~ugh the first is an extension of the
 thesis presented by him for the master's degree at the University
 of Michigan:
   "The development and function of the cell plate in higher
 plants."--Botanical Gazette, August, 1900.-
   "Swarm-spore formation in Hydrodictyon utriculatum Roth."
-Botanical Gazette, March, 1901.
   "Starch formation in Hydrodicton utriculatum."-Aiinals
--Of Botany, December, 1901.
   "Starch formation in COadophora."-Science, March 21,
   "Cell division in Riccia fluitans."-Science, March 21, 1902.
   "Development and structure of the swarm-spores of Hydro-
 dictyon."-Transactions Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts
 and Le'tters, Augus't:1,,2190
   "The nature and functi6n of the pyrenoid."--Seience, March
 20, 1903.
                                            C. E. ALLEN.
                  THE LAW SCHOOL.
   The law school enters upon another year with excellent pros-
 pects. Many of the old students are returning and a good class
 of new men are entering. The enrollment up to October 1st was
 as follows: First year class, 68; second year class, 42; third
 year class, 21. These figures will be increased considerably by
 additional entries during the next week.

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