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Richard, George (ed.) / Wisconsin alumnus
Volume 59, Number 15 (July 1958)

A weekend for old grads,   pp. 11-17

Page 11

..a weekend for old
* Reunion Activities
and President E. B. Fred. Drs. Penfield and Fred received
honorary degrees in the ceremony at the UW Fieldhouse.
Now the University's president, Conrad A. Elvehjem took
reunion classmates back to 1919-frosh beanie and all.
   For the first time in the memory of Mrs. Edith Knowles,
 who has been office manager and woman-of-all-talents in the
 alumni office for three decades, every seat for the 1958
 Alumni Day Banquet was sold out on Thursday-three days
 before this climactic event of Reunion Weekend and a day be-
 fore the full invasion of Madison by hundreds of reuning
   This is mentioned to gauge the success of the reunion
festivities generally. But numbers and size alone do not tell
the entire story either. From one reunion chairman after an-
other the reports came in:
   "It was one of the finest reunions we've ever had!"
The Alumni Day Banquet
   An action-filled, fast-paced program marked the annual
get-together of all reunion classes in Great Hall on Saturday
night, June 14. The participants had gathered not only to
meet two -new presidents and to bid fond farewell to two
more presidents but to honor a president's wife.
  The retiring presidents honored were E. B. Fred of the
University of Wisconsin and Dr. John A. Keenan of the
Wisconsin Alumni Association.
  The new presidents were University President Conrad A.
Elvehjem and Association President Sam Ogle.
  The president's wife was Mrs. Elvehjem, nee Constance
  A citation presented to Dr. Fred-who was the top alumni
producer in the institution's history, having signed his name
to more than 53,000 degrees during his 13 years term--de-
scribed him as "distinguished scientist, outstanding teacher,
brilliant scholar and skillful administrator, whose fine sense
of human values has kept our Alma Mater in the forefront
among the world's great universities."
  Representatives of three groups-student, state govern-
ment and alumni-paid tribute to Dr. Fred. They were
Richard Urfer, 1958 class president; Lt. Gov. Warren P.
Knowles, a former WAA president; and Dr. Keenan.
  Dr. Fred declared no era began or ended with his presi-
dency. "This university's progress cannot be marked by such
milestones," he said. "It moves forward under an impetus
provided by its heritage and under the guidance of many."
  Mrs. Elvehjem was honored as the "Wisconsin Alumna of
the Year" (see page 20).
  Dr. Keenan took the opportunity to report on the proposed
Alumni House-which will be Washburn Observatory re-

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